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Two vitamins to improve your health


How this 2 Vitamins can Improve your health.

Most of the vitamins like Vitamin B complex, B1 or Thiamine, and Pyridoxine also known as Vitamin B6, are excellent controller of diabetes. Other vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E works great in controlling diabetes also.

Take a glance at the huge benefits how you can be helped by them controlling your diabetes. Vitamin C is considered favorable in treating diabetes. Due to stress, urinary destruction and losses by artificial sweeteners, diabetics usually have a big requirement of vitamin C. Large amounts of the vitamin bring frequently positive results.

Dr. George V Mann in “PERSPECTIVE IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE” recommended extra vitamin C for diabetics. Natural insulin output increases in diabetics with supplementary doses of vitamin C. The consumption of vitamin C by eating of dried Indian gooseberry also called AMLA, the richest known way to obtain vitamin C, or tablets of 500 mg or from natural resources of vitamin C besides amla, are citric fruits, green leafy vegetables, sprouted Bengal gram and green grams.

Vitamin E. This vitamin reduces seriously the devastating vascular damage accompanying diabetes. Dr. Willard Shute in “THE ENTIRE BOOK OF VITAMINS” recommends 800-1600 IU of vitamin E a day to avoid arterial degeneration in diabetes.

A Swedish study supports vitamin E therapy for treating diabetes also. Vitamin E helps diabetics decrease their insulin requirements. It might be advisable for a diabetes patient to have a daily dose of 200 IU of this vitamin for 14 days at the same time.

Rich Resources of Vitamin E. Valuable natural foods sources of this vitamin are cereal or wheat germ, wholegrain products, fruits and green leafy vegetables, milk and all whole sprouted or raw seeds.

Other rich resources of vitamin E are cold pressed crude vegetable oils, sunflower seeds especially, safflower, and Soya beans oils, raw and sprouted grains and seeds, alfalfa, lettuce, almond, human milk etc.