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Standard procedures for CNC machining operations and reduced error rates

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Prepare the necessary tools, tools, etc. The first thing you do every day at work is to check whether the parameters of the machine tool are normal, such as whether there is a strange noise when you turn on the machine, whether the machine parts can operate normally, whether the lubricating oil, spindle oil is normal and not cloudy, make a good machine toolantminer s19 pro for sale checklist. If there is any processing handover, it is best to use text handover, not verbal handover, to prevent mutual shirking.

2. Start-up

Start-up work must be required to first return the machine to the origin, if a machine for a long time to develop no economic operation, after the start-up walk warm-up program 5 to 10 minutes. Rotational speed and feed from 20% to 80% gradually until the machine warm-up activities are over.

3. Program list

Before machining, read the program list and drawings, confirm the same processing work number, the same size, and place the workpiece direction according to the program list.

Machining program list

4. Before going on the machine

Clean the table and work burr with machine before work, clean and wipe clean the dust and oil and water stain with file.

5.Punch the table

Be careful when setting the table. If it is smooth material, you should check the parallelism, perpendicularity and levelness of the material. Only after confirming the squareness of the workpiece, the table can be calibrated.

6.Dividing the center

The sub-center should look at the reference angle on the program sheet, and check the students once after sub-centering, and if necessary, the team leader or workers should supervise and check each other.

7. Simulation

Before starting each program, you should see a simulation of the toolpath to make sure there are no problems in the program. At the start of machining, you should have the feed rate reduced to a minimum or run a single part. cnc machining manufacturerAfter the tool has cut in normally, you should increase the speed. Take the first tool and verify that the tool depth and position are correct, and stop machining immediately if there are any problems.

8. Machining process

During the machining process, you must pay close attention to tool wear or tool wear, and replace the sharpening tool in time to avoid tool breakage or damage. After the normal operation of machining, make preparations for the next procedure or the next process and arrange the processing time reasonably.

9. Completion self-inspection

①After the workpiece is finished machining, the first step is self-inspection, and then get off the machine after passing the inspection. Then put the workpiece in the processing area.

②When you find your processing enterprise error, please inform the person in charge of site management immediately.

10. 6S specification

During the whole operation process, the workers should place the tools and workpieces in the proper position, arrange them neatly, keep the site clean, and really achieve "organize, rectify, clean, finish and safe".

11. Handover

Before working, the operator should do a good job according to the procedure and hand over the work of the operator, clearly explain where not done, where needs attention, where urgent and make a good record.

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