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How to choose hand cream in winter


Right now is winter and if you are looking for a hand cream,then keep watching till the end because I am going to recommend a really popular hand cream.It is this, Korea's Chok Chok Love Hand Cream by NCD&CO.It's really popular in Korea right now.Even the famous singer Rain recommended it.And he is the only K-pop star that I've ever liked.The thing that makes it different is that it comes with a chain.With the chain you can hang it on your purse.Giving the owner a easier time carrying it around.Therefore, I think this design is pretty good.It's flavor though, does not have anything special.It just smells like the classic sweet flower scent like other lotions.It has a very nice texture, easily spread on the hand.Because it contains Shea Butter, its moisturizing level is still okay to use in the winter .So for using this in the winter, it does its job with moisturizing.A lot of people said this product is a very strong standing product because of its good effects.It is said that this product contains nicotinamide which has whitening effects to the skin.

This is the first time to hear a hand cream contain nicotinamide.Before this, nicotinamide is mostly added to face creams.Even the hand cream industry is trying hard now.Because it contains nicotinamide, it can help whiten the skin and lessen wrinkles on your hand.Honestly speaking, hands for women is as important as the face.I think I'm getting more wrinkles on my hands than ever.So whenever I go wash my hands, I have to use hand cream right after.If you want a moisturizing and brightening hand cream, you should give this hand cream some consideration.And since it's gifting season, you can also consider giving this as a gift to your best friend.

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