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Bladeless LASIK story of internal laser Nick

Bladeless LASIK story of internal laser Nick

Nick: Without my contacts or glasses I havezero vision.Everything isjust completely blurry from six inches away.I have been wearing glassessince before kindergarten, contacts have beensince fourth grade.Theprocedure I'm having is IntraLase surgery.Dr. Ullrich: An IntraLase is a different typeof laser that's going tocreate a flap using a laser, not a blade.A patient will have to shiftback and forth between the two lasers, firstmaking the flaps with theIntraLase, and then sliding over underneaththe VISX laser, and doing theablation to correct for the astigmatism, thenear-sightedness, the far-sightedness.Nick: Through the years, the cost of contacts,glasses, have added up somuch, and I figured LASIK was just a one-timeshot, and then you're done.Crown Laser has made it very easy with theirCare Credit Program.Theyhave a 12 month, no interest payment plan.My LASIK surgery took maybe 15minutes.My surgeon was Dr. Cohen.


I felt pretty calm, relaxed, wasn't toonervous about it, actually.The experience was pretty much just quick andeasy.They explained to you back and forth, twodifferent lasers, and theygive you a heads up, and they just talkedme through the whole thing.Youjust feel a little bit of scratchiness, anda little bit of pressure, butall in all it really wasn't that bad.I had my LASIK surgery on January 11th, andthat was yesterday.I feelgreat.My vision is perfect right now.I can see everything.Colors aredifferent, I can see a lot more in depth colorsfurther away.Kind ofweird that I don't have to put on glassesafter you wake up.The best partabout the LASIK surgery is I never have tomess with my eyes again, it'salready done, I can see perfect.I would give everyone advice to go get itdone.I'm very happy with my LASIK surgery withCrown Laser Center.I cansee great now, so I recommend it to everybody.

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