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Never let me use Vista again


- Dude!So this, my friends, is thelaptop that started the channel.Well, I guess not thisspecific one, but this model.This is the Aspire 3680 fromour good friends at Acer.So, one of the funthings about this laptop,and when I say fun, I mean not fun at all,is the fact that it was slow.Largely because it onlyhad 512 megs of RAM.Yes, I used to make videoswith 512 megs of RAMin Vista Basic.

Now remember, after a little while,I did work on upgrading it.So the very first time I pretty much everworked on a computer, was whenI upgraded this laptop to,I think it was a Gig anda half of RAM at the time.Which made a massive, massive difference.Okay, it's charging.(air whooshing)You hear how loud that fan is? (chuckles)(computer chimes)

Oh, it works.A Celeron M CPU, singlecore at 1.86 gigahertz,and 512 megs of RAM,with a blistering-fastIntel 945GM express chipset.A speed-demon, this was not.However, I actually wasable to edit video on this.

- [Ken] What camera didyou use to record video?

- So I initially shot on this Kodak,it was like this point-and-shoot,it was really terrible.And then, a little whileafter I started the channel,maybe six months later, Igot the Sanyo Xacti CG10.Which was--(camera clatters)(chuckles)

This is the Sanyo, is thissupposed to be Mystery Tech?Cause this is too much for Mystery Tech.So this ridiculous camera waswhat I used to shoot videosfor probably two yearswhen I first started.So even though it looks ridiculous,this actually was pretty solid.It was much better than theFlip cameras of the day,as not only did it shoot 720p video,but also had a pretty decent zoom.So, if I hit record,All right, Ken, you are nowlive on the Sanyo Xacti CG10.Look at that smooth zoom.One of the cool parts about this camerais that you actuallyhad a flip-out screen.Which was really cool for back in 2009.Only problem was that themicrophones are on the back,So it sounds much better whenyou flip the camera around.But this was a really legit little camera.In fact, you know I actually got thisBecause Marques bought this.That was the beginning of the camera war.He did a video on this, Iwas like, that sounds dope.So I got it for like150 bucks at Best Buy.How much was this today?

- [Ken] 17 bucks.

- $17?You know what, for 17 bucksyou actually, I think,could do a lot worse than this.There's some dude'spictures on this. (snickers)

- [Ken] Oh.(camera clicking)- Okay, I feel uncomfortable,I'm gonna stop watching that now. (laughs)

So one of the fun factsabout my old laptop,is that it actually had ports,unlike laptops of today.So we have a modem, an opticaldrive with DVD support,We have USB-A ports, we haveethernet, you've got VGA,a PS2 port, and you alsohave an SD card reader,Which I hope actually works.

You know what I wannado, I wanna upgrade thiswith some more RAM, I wannaprobably put like an SSD in it,see if I can run Windows 10.And I'm going to try to edit a video,shoot and edit a video with the Xacti.So now, let's get a littlebit of upgrading actionfor my laptop.So, the first thing is, I'mdefinitely going to replacethis battery, which has, well,not seen the best of days.

So, that by itself, once it's installed,it looks a little goofy,but should give us kindof good battery life.As part of what I'm doing here,I'm also going to beupgrading this to Windows 10.Now, you can buy the USB flash drivethat has Windows already installed.However, I actually liketo use the little toolthat Microsoft includes.

You can literally justdownload it from their site,And it will download Windows 10,the most up-to-date version,and you can burn it to a flash drive.So, I'm kind of excitedto see exactly how farI can upgrade this.I've bought a few different things which,hopefully will work.I feel like so many of thevideos that we do these days,like upgrading older systems,we just won't be able to do in the future.Because so little is upgradable.So, this, my friends, thisis the 512 megabytes of DDR2that I used to work with with this laptop.However, we were ableto order off of Amazon,four gigs of Crucial DDR2.Which should be much,much, sort-of, healthier.

Especially given that, well,everything takes up more RAM now.So, on this side, we have another door,which should give usaccess to our hard drive.So, inside this little bracketwe have our 5400 RPM80 gigabyte hard drive.

Now, we're going to bereplacing this with something,which, by modern standards,isn't all that impressive.It is a 840 EVO, it's a 120-gig SSD.You know, the best part about this,is that obviously I'm doingthis much more for nostalgia,than any kind of like, practical use.But this laptop costsalmost nothing these days,and all of these upgradesare incredibly affordable.

I mean, even something like a 120-gig SSD,I mean, this didn't even existwhen the laptop came out,and now it costs like,what, less than 20 bucks at Micro Center?It's a super-affordable upgrade.

And, there we go.So now we have four gigs of RAM,as opposed to half a gig of RAM,a 120-gig SSD as opposed to an 80-gig HDD,We have our be


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