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The successful relationship between billionaire Warren Buffett and Charlie Mung


He grew up less than ablock away from where I nowlive. He workedin my grandfather's grocerystore, like I did. Butwe did not know each other'til he was 35 and Iwas 29, and we went todinner, andin five minutes,so we knew we weresort of made for each other.Warren, what's it likesitting next to Charlie onthe stage?I always learn something.We've got an extremely good partnership, andbusiness is more fun. Thislife is more fun witha good personal partnerand to have a greatbusiness partner. We'veaccomplished more, butwe've also had way morefun. And this is true-we disagree on a lotof things, not that many,but some.

 We've neverhad an argument in theentire time we've knowneach other, which isalmost 60 years now.I've listened to him, nottoo many people Ilisten to, but Charlie, he'sgiven me a lot ofgood advice over time. Imay hate to take itto a certain degree, but mydecisions have been better.But I did, I've liveda better lifebecause of Charlie.which turned out tobe a very good idea.I said, "Charlie, it's OKas a hobby, but forgetit."He was right. It tookhim a while to convince me.But I'm aslow learner sometimes.

This is a place,Berkshire, where everybody's donea lot for everybodyelse and that's why peoplelike it. They're hereto celebrate, I'd say, aset of values. It'slike the Catholic Catechism.How so?Well it neverchanges, for one thing.And usually hasold guys in charge.And has old whitemales in charge, absolutely.

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