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Learn how to steam bass in Cantonese style. Three bass are not enough


Scrape off the scales.Make a shallow incision along the back of the fish.Just a shallow cut will do.Do the same on the other side.Don't go too deep. Like this.Rinse inside and out, removing all the blood.We now plate the fish.It's easier to get it cooked through this way, and it looks nice too when done.Common practice is smearing salt on the fish.Here we don't do it this way, 'cos the flesh will tense up,and the finished meat will be tough.Next we put some scallion segments here, to remove fishy smell.And it'll be fragrant when done.Now we slice the ginger.Finely shred it then.Take a small scallion segment, and tear it this way.

Tear little by little, and it will curl up.Like this, curled up.Now we start steaming the fish.You place it into the pan * after * the water boils.Replace the lid and steam for about 8 to 10 minutes.[ Steam over high heat for 8 minutes. ]Discard the ginger.My fish weighs slightly more than 1 catty ( 500g ).Steaming for 8 minutes is a good timing yielding meat most tender.Discard the scallion as well.Pour off the excess liquid. It's fishy smell and taste.Scatter shredded ginger over the fish,scallion segments as well.Pile at the centre, so it's easier to drizzle hot oil on it.And it looks great already.We now drizzle hot oil over it.

Lastly, pour some seasoned soy sauce for seafood (蒸魚豉油) around the base of the fish.Simple and delicious recipe of steamed sea bass is done.Look. So fresh and tender. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

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