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Awarding mode of Shizuoka University academic degree in autumn

Awarding mode of Shizuoka University academic degree in autumn

Please stand up.However, from now on, the Shizuoka University Fall Degree Award Ceremony 2017 will be held.ThanksPlease sit down.He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a prescribed degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, so he will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

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September 15, 2017 President Shizuoka University Kiyoshi IshiiDear gatherers, I have been able to get a master's degree.I would like to thank the Asia Bridge Program (ABP), all the helping colleagues, the co-chairs, vice-chairs, and the university students.Thank you very much.Self-introductionI was very happy today. I'm very happy.Congratulations to everyone.I am studying Ph.D in Thailand. I also do my own business, now.My course is the business of management.Yes, I love it very much, I love business very much.My teacher is Maeda-sensei. MOT of the Faculty of Engineering.Self-introductionToday is the graduation ceremony.I'm glad, very glad.Thank you very much.Self-introductionI am very happy to have a master's degree from Shizuoka University.I will continue to study for Ph.D.Thank you very muchSelf-introductionI'm really happy now, and my teachers and everyone, like Shizuoka University teachers,thank you very much.Now I want to say anything,I'm so happy that I can't think of anything.

Thank you once again.I work for the time being in Japan. A job offer has also been decided.Thank you very much.

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