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Introduce healthy fats into your diet


Hello, my name is Sarah Meyers.I am a registered dietician hereat the University ofMichigan health system.We have heart healthy fatsour bodies actually need.They're called monounsaturatedand polyunsaturated fats.Monounsaturated fats arefound in oils like olive oil,canola oil, and peanut oil.Also nuts, nut butters, and seeds.

Monounsaturated fats actuallyhelp lower cholesterol,including the totalcholesterol, and the LDL,or the bad cholesterol.They also can raise the HDL,or the good cholesterol.Polyunsaturated fats arefound in oils like safflower,sunflower, and sesame seed oilwhich are often in our salad dressings,mayonnaise, soft transfat free tub margarines.Polyunsaturated fats alsohelp lower cholesterol.We have a type of polyunsaturated fatscalled omega three fats.

The main source, fish, includingtuna, sardines and herring.Also the plant sourcesinclude walnuts and flaxseeds.Omega Threes are very hearthealthy because they canactually help lower inflammation,lower triglycerides,and reduce the risk of arrhythmias.While all these fats are heart healthy,it is important to keep inmind they are still fats,and they still have a lotof calories per serving.So for weight management purposes,it is important to bemindful of your portions.

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