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One month premature! Dawn wins 5 pounds


The good news of Tianwang Liming came last night. His 19-year-old female assistant Wing Chen gave birth to him. The "little princess" weighed more than 5 pounds and was born more than a month before the due date!Liming, 51, has been regarded as a "diamond-level bamboo shoot" in the city since his divorce. In March of this year, he was shocked to have a new love. This "Xin Minglin" is not a goddess or supermodel, but a female assistant who has worked with him for many years. Wing.

Then, it dawned again that Dawn was "Double Happiness", saying goodbye to single and rising father, A Wing was photographed for 6 months and got belly, and dragged to a large shopping mall 睇 BB car to prepare for King B in the belly. .After that, Liming did his duty as a man, openly acknowledged his relationship on the official website and announced that he would be a father: "Two people who have experienced divorce, having the opportunity to walk together is a kind of fate, and having a small life will make me even more Father, and took me to another stage in my life. "He further stated that "as a father, I must protect my own family, and do not want to expose my family casually." Yesterday, more than one month earlier than the due date in June, gave birth to a "little princess" weighing more than 5 pounds at the Baptist Hospital.

Some netizens also helped Dawn change its name to "Lebanon", "Lei Find Number", "Li Zuo", and "Li You", etc. The creativity burst into light!Although Liming has been recognized as a father, only the fans have not yet accepted the reality, sour messages: "If it is true, congratulations!" Congratulations to fans, and also said that the "Four Great Heavenly Kings" are all "foreign fathers", all of them It's a busy girl.

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