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Insto Taiwan simple custom automation


Angel, a jewelry maker,designs beautiful accessoriesand hosts a jewelry design workshop.Through INSTO, she is able to collect monthly payments from her students and let her customers purchase her design in installment terms.This fits you so well!I love it,I don't have enough cash...Don’t worry,you can use INSTO to pay the price in terms.Look,now we take a picture of the bracelet,enter the Product Name,choose Installment Payment,click on the Total Price and enter $5,600.

Set up the Down Payment for $2,000,choose Monthly as your intervalfor 4 scheduled payments of $900 each.With INSTO,you can easily break the high price into small payments.Now your bill is ready,let’s scan the QR code to confirm the order.Got it!So it is just one click away from checkout?Also,the metal workshop can be paidthrough INSTO’s recurring service.After setting up your INSTO account,you can create a scheduled paymentwith flexible terms and intervals for your class.Don’t have a credit card for your payment? No worries!You can also link your debit cardor bank account for future payments at INSTO!

Afford anything,schedule any payments! INSTO!Download INSTO now!

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