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Eating these during pregnancy makes it hard for your baby to be unwise


How to supplement the nutrition of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is the most important thing for the whole family. What should be eaten to ensure adequate nutrition supply? Let me introduce it to you below.Raisins are particularly rich in iron and calcium, which can supplement the calcium needed for the development of the fetus, and can also supplement blood and edema.And this blackcurrant raisin is much more delicious than the ordinary raisins on the market. The seeds are very large and the flesh is sweet and can be used as a snack for pregnant mothers.

Needless to say, the nutritional value of shrimp, from shrimp to shrimp skin, each part of the shrimp contains a large amount of phosphorus, which can meet the expectant mother's nutrition during pregnancy.From the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus will develop bones, and the shrimp skin and shrimp meat itself contain high calcium, so pregnant women can eat more shrimp or shrimp skin during pregnancy.

Beginning at 18 weeks of pregnancy, the number of brain cells is at its peak, and the wiring generated by brain cells is growing rapidly. At this time, pregnant women should eat more foods that can promote the rapid growth of fetal brain wiring.Walnuts must be eaten by pregnant women every day. It is most suitable to eat walnuts during the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. Three walnuts a day are beneficial to fetal brain development.Pine nut kernels are rich in substances, which are often eaten by pregnant women to promote the development of fetal intelligence.Pine nuts can also improve the symptoms of mental stress during pregnancy, sleep well, and make the baby's hair dark and shiny.Mothers pay more attention to diet during pregnancy, and they will surely give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby.

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