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King penguins eat very different

King penguins eat very different

-Feeding Emperor Penguins-Emperor penguins eat two meals a day at Taipei Zoo.Keepers will put vitamins inside their foodto give the penguins their essential nutrients.In order to make sure all the penguins receive equal amounts of food,keepers have to feed the penguins themselves.However, because the birds will get nervous,keepers have to feed them as if they're kids:they need to be patient.Keepers realized that the penguins like to follow the bandwagon.Every time during feeding there will always be some nervous individuals that squirm around the keeper.And other penguins, as if a switch was flipped,followed suit.Of course, there will be ones with a less dynamic personality;they have more coordination with the keeper.They opened their beaks once the fish is presentedand swiftly devoured their meal. Keepers will feed the fish accordingly by the size of the penguins;they will adjust the size.But smart penguins will remember the amount they usually eat: if keepers feed them a bit extrathey won't eat it no matter what.

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"Nope!""Nah man I said I'm good!"Belonging to the group of animals that can withstand hunger,they go without food for a long timeand still go through their daily activities.However, during the period where they're shedding fur or raising their young,in order to store the extra energy required,they need to consume a lot of food.Keepers will adjust the food accordingly.For those that like penguinswhen visiting them in the zoodon't miss the feeding time between 10:30AM and 3:30PMto see them eat!-Taipei Zoo-

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