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Make Latte Solutions at Home-Friday Coffee Day EP 55


Hello, happy new year!Truesound, are you happy with the first anniversary of your cafe shop?Keep it up in second year.What it is?I know. (An espresso machine in) a small scale.Yap!Hello! Pretty happy it's coffee day of Friday again.Let's make a latte.This is not an advertising. Because I don't sell the espresso machine.I have asked the espresso machine company.They did not let me sell the machine, because the shops nearby are selling it.

]If you're intrigued, the Uni cafe has the machine.Firstly, open here.Then, here.The espresso will come from this part.Here is a special design.Its basket is very interesting.For larger amount (9 cups).For smaller amount (6 cups).For a little bit (3 cups).I always put much amount (9 cups) out of my habit.Here is an important part.It is used to froth and steam milk.The pressure measurement.When the pointer goes to red section,turn off fire or release pressure.If the pointer is in red section,you make fire bigger and bigger.It will explode.Understand?ok, let's do it.I use our "Well wishes" recipe.The scale of 9. Okay, reach it.It has a tamper.I think the tamper is not necessary if the coffee ground is fine.Turn off! (tightly)And turn this off too.Steamer. Turn it off.The three parts need to be close tightly.Open it slightly while waiting.If there's water in pipe, it comes out.Close it gently.The water used for cleaning is in the pipe.Release some steam.It's in the middle of yellow section. Ready to extraction.When reach the pressure, take it off stove.Good! Very smooth.I didn't practice using the steam.One day, the latte art will be prefect, okay.Film him.Hey you can use all my trick!Wait the espresso machine cool down before washing it. It pretty hot.

What I usually do is opening this part to make pressure release.It's quite long.This Sunday, Hsiao Hung Jen(蕭閎仁) will share his one year's experience of running a cafe to us.Online streaming at Sunday's 9pm.See you next Friday.Bye bye~I'm interested in this machine.I can lend it to you. You can use it at home.Thank you~Have a try. If you really like it,Buy a new one.This one is used.That's okay. I like to use the one you used.Really?Do I have to film your face when you speaking?No!The today's naivest cameraman.Not good at filming.

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