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Garlic Naan


Let's make Indian garlic naan today.Plain yogurt,Room temperature water,sugar,salt,oil,and yeast.Stir it.Put in flour.Stir it with a spatula until you don't see any liquid.The dough is actually very soft.Knead the flour into a dough.When all the dry flour disappears, you will find that the dough is very wet and very soft,and very sticky.Stop kneading the dough at this time.Give it 20 minutes for gluten to form.After 20 minutes, it doesn’t stick to my hands any more.It can be stretched longer.Knead the dough for one minute like this.Cover with a lid.Ferment the dough for one and a half hours from now on.During fermentation, knead the dough more more time,for just a minute.Such a painful and sticky doughbecame very smooth in just 3 minutes of kneading.You understand the how dough forms, kneading becomes easy.This is how it looks like after fermentation.Put a little oil on the boardRub some oil on hands.Pick up a small dough by hands.Round it.This recipe can make a total of 10 naan breads.

Apply some oil to the dough to prevent sticking.Cover with plastic wrap and final proof for 30 minutes.While the small dough is proofing, the gluten is fully relaxed.Do some preparatory work now.Place the stone in the oven, and preheat the oven at the maximum temperature.The highest temperature for my oven is 550 degrees Fahrenheit, 290 degrees Celsius.A piece of dump cloth.Wrap a sieve with a handle.Soon you will know what it is for.This is the ghee made in our previous episode.You can use butter instead.Prepare some garlic and put in salt.Heat it up on low heat.Let the taste of garlic and ghee blend together.Cool it down slightly, add chopped cilantro.After half an hour, take a small dough.Press down with your fingers.Then throw the dough between your hands.After few times, the dough becomes bigger.Then gently stretch the bottom a little bit.A classic tear drop shape comes out.

The smooth side is faced down and placed on the cloth.Then throw it on the stone.The temperature of the oven is very high, and there is a lot of heat accumulated on the stone.Big bubbles, small bubbles suddenly appear on the top.If your oven has a broiler, turn it on to help the bread browning.It only takes two or three minutes to bake.It is ready when you see dark brown spots.Brush with garlic ghee while it is hot.A quite soft dough is baked in a quite hot oven.The strange thing is that your tongue can feel them.The dough itself contents a lot of water and the baking time is very short.Since the baking time is very brief, the water was kept inside the bread, so it tastes very soft.The outer layer, however is in contact with the super hot stone, it becomes very crispy.With every single bite, you taste the softness as well as the crispiness.

This is why Indian naan is do so delicious.Thank you for watching, I am Xiao Gaojie. Will see you next time ^^

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