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Parent child interactive game short play travel

Parent child interactive game short play travel

Joyann!1, 2, 3, go!(Keep it up, keep it up)I found it!We can play outside now.Let's go and play together!It's so sunny.It's so sunny.It's so sunny,I can't see anything.It's so hot. Forget it.We're going to swim today,isn't it amazing?Today we'll be swimming! Swimming!Swimming! Swimming! Swimming!Alright, we're here.Let's get down.Okay!Bye bye.Cow~Cuttlefish, cuttlefish.-I know how to be like this.-The starfish?Wow, Janna, it fits you so well.Let's go! Let's go!(What is this?)(Super excited)What?What are you doing?-Is it fun?-Yes!Now we'll challenge the big one!-The water's coming!-The water's coming!It's coming! It's coming!(Ready, go)(Amazing)We can't be drenched at this spot.The water poured downright in front of us, not here.Pirate ship!Let's get on the pirate ship!Papa! Papa!Okay, I'll go down first!Jonnes, here you are.Wow, Jonnes, you're amazing.They didn't see you.(So cute, so cute)Jackpot!Yay! Jackpot!I want my present!No present!

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No present!Why?-Let's try to hold our breath, okay?-Okay.Let's see who's the best.Okay!Okay, we'll be the judges!-Are you ready?-Yes.1, 2, 3, go!(Keep it up, keep it up)Which one of youcan't hold it anymore?Papa won! Papa.Papa Chu is the winner!Papa won!(Applaud, applaud)Thank you.Let's go, let's go!Don't play with them!Look, Janna, look!Run! Hurry up, run!Go, go, go!My back!I'm here!Joyann!I'm sliding down!The water got into my nose!Just a slide is enoughto make me so tired.-If you like this video...-Please subscribe...And share!Bye! See you next time! Bye!

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