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Craftsman.Hot Chili Sauce with Tiny Squid Recipe


Generally eat salty small roll dishes, without peeling and offal,Cook directly into a variety of dishes.Don't laugh at friends from other places, this is our unique way of eating.Commercially available salty rolls absorb the moisture after cleaning and scoop them from the middle.Take the transparent film with a bad exit feeling, and the ink sac in the body,To maintain the elegance of the finished product.Later, it was cut into small circles, which were quite cute.It can also be cut into pieces.You're ready to cook the hot sauce.Eat a small mouthful of salty rolls, remember this saltiness,This is the salinity standard for the clam chili sauce.Add oil and small coils to the pan,If you like, you can add several slices of ginger.Turn on the fire and reduce the power until the oil can roll but not smoke.

Cook small rolls for 4-5 minutes.After smelling the unique savory aroma of the small roll, burn it for a while.After that, proceed to the step of chili sauce for five minutes.Phone countdown will not overcook.Add pepper, salt and rock sugar.Do not leave during the process, avoid shabu-shabu, stir more, and scrape to the bottom of the pot at the same time.When making hot sauce, you can use soy sauce instead of salt according to your preference.I don't like that each bottle of sauce is blackened and `` smeared ''.So there is no soy sauce in more than ten chili sauces.Each chili sauce has its own unique shape and taste.The point is that preservation is more stable.Pour the cooked hot sauce into a large bowl to stop heating.Use the same bottling technique.Tighten the cap tightly. Invert until cool.Inversion is helpful in forming a vacuum.In the absence of preservatives, it is still recommended to store in the refrigerator for three months.I believe many viewers will occasionally buy some salty rolls to eat.Not much to eat every time, but its umami really makes you miss.Using it to make hot sauce is also quite unique.Small rolls of chilli sauceIt is used to accompany meals and brings ocean impact and fresh feeling to taste buds.Just like the "fish rice" in Chaoshan area.After catching the small roll, the fishermen in Taiwan added a lot of salt to cook it.

Keeps small rolls well without a refrigerator or ice cubes.Over time, it has become a Taiwanese specialty.Local ingredients, good local taste, salty, fragrant, fresh and spicy!

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