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Three minutes to learn the law of Attraction # 3 off negative emotions CC subtitles


Three minutes to learn the Law of Attraction Episode 3 Turn off your negative emotionsNegative emotions only attract more things that you don't like, so you need to learn to interrupt negative emotions in the positive direction.When negative emotions arise, many people can't stop, so that the situation is getting worse!

Therefore, you must learn to turn off that negative emotion, keep optimistic and calm, and continue to attract positive energy.Here are a few ways to interrupt negative emotions, providing you with:

1. Take a deep breath: Take a slow breath and neutralize the negative emotions of rapid heartbeat and stress hormones and calm down.

2. Leaving: When feeling negative emotions, going outdoors or going to another room helps to escape the negative situation at the time.

3. Transfer: Attention to observe something: stare at the wind chime or leaves in front of the window for a minute. Let yourself be fully engaged and observe the activity of the wind chimes or leaves. Try to shift negative emotions.

4. Meditation: No matter where you are, you can make a short meditation. Just do it with your eyes closed, take a deep breath, and separate yourself from your thoughts.

5. Interruption: Language body prompt: "Enough!" "Pause!" "Closing!"...Leaving negative emotions, or using pinching yourself, the rubber band is a simple way to play the same effect on the wrist.

6. Singing and listening to music: singing to motivate your own songs or listening to positive music is the way to change your mood.

7. Use your imagination: Imagine happy things or imagine future wishes, the universe will respond to your telepathy.

8. Memories: Recall that you have had a rich, happy life in the past, memories, gratitude, gratitude, and call for positive energy.

9. Seek assistance: find people who are optimistic and positive energy to chat and help you to change your mood.

10. Sleep and relax stress: Sleep is a good way to release tension, trouble, and stress. 

1. Relax your limbs and facial muscles. 

2. Take a deep breath and then slowly exhale.

 3. Focus on the breathing rhythm, don't think.

 4. Imagine yourself as a still stone.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thinking:Changing thinking is another good way to convert emotionsBecause if you are optimistic, if you want to find a solution to the problem, you will not have pessimistic and unnecessary worries.People's feelings are often driven by conscious or even unconscious thinking.

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