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Grandpa wanted a son, so she put my prince and locked in a room.


Come, princess.Call the doctorProbably pregnant.You don't have to be shy.This pregnancy is a natural thingNothing embarrassingI think about it, what is the name I gave this greatgrandson?Great Empress Dowager.She is cold in the spleen and stomachAnd drank porridgeSo it will be uncomfortable.Not pregnantNot pregnant?

You step down.What about the Prince?Call him over!Recently, the Yuanshen Grand Ceremony.Prince has something todayWhat is he doing?There are three things that are not filial, and no child is the most serious.Do you understand.When his father was so big, he already had two sons.But what about him?TwentyZhao LiangweiIsn't she always with him every day?Why can't I have a greatgrandson?The other one is not easy to get pregnant.But it’s juat gone.what should I do its me .When can I take my greatgrandson?I'm furious go to the East Palace!great grandma.Are you bathing incense?YesThat's goodCome, come Prince and PrincessGo to a room now.Without my command.No one is allowed to release themwhyWhy, let's go.Yong NiangToo grandmaIs there anyone?Who are you mean, why are you jealous of me?If you are not talking nonsense.Will he lock us up?Queen,I am pleased to the emperor.I heard that you locked the Prince and the Princess.I don't know what they have done wrong.Nothing wrongI just want to hold my grandson.Queen, don't you want to have a grandson?I certainly want to.But this Yuanshen ceremony is about to begin.Prince does not go to participate.It seems to be out of order. Which of these two is important?

I said yes.This year's Yuanchen celebration.It’s up to the emperor to go alone.But....but what, I am not right?Of course you are the owner of the harem.I am doing this like...Like being overpowered, right?WellThen I will go and open the door for them personally.Let them out alright, alright!Ok, Okay.!Don't go, don't goEmpress Dowagerit's meI am wrong, can't I?You are right, or the child is the most important.How long do you want to turn them off?As long as you are happyThere is the emperor, I will explain it myself.now it's right

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