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Differentiated instruction: guide for learners of English teaching


Teaching for English language learners is good teaching for everybody.- It is definitely about building theirliteracy skills but also their confidence.I have a range of students from beginners to high intermediate students.So I use the inductive strategybecause it can meet the needs of everyone.Yes, making connections becauseshe said the word, remember.

This makes me remember.- The goal is to make the lessonaccessible to all students.Wanna see my picture?(cross-talking)You do like or you don't like my picture?- [Student] I don't like.- Aw, that makes me feel sad.Background knowledge is not just what students bring to the class,what they've learned previously.It's also providing studentswith the informationthey need to be able toaccess an upcoming lesson.Also, the students in my classactually speak three or more languages.Okay, English just doesn't happento be one of them yet,so they're learning.Write it, yeah, in your lan--in Pashto or in Farsi.- Fair is not equal, you know.And it's true, if withdifferentiation too.I mean, not everybody willget the same exact textor use the same strategy, but it's fair because you're meeting everystudent where they are,and we're helping themprogress to the next level.Okay.- [Student] We don't like it.

- Sometimes I pair studentsby same proficiency.Other times I might choosea more difficult textbut pair my beginners with ahigher proficiency student.- [Student] Red tile, middleschool the worst years.- An easy way to differentiate isto have put videos at slower speeds.It's not just a list of strategies thatcomes out of withinrelationships of students.When I was first startingSpanish, I was very scared.Being a environment wherestudents are going to risk.Where people are gonnahave a sense of humor.There's 2/3, it's two, four.I teach English, not math, two, four.- I think of differentiation more like a mindset, than onTuesday I differentiate.You're constantly thinking how do Imake this accessible to everyone?All right, last step.

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