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Sicong owe how many money?Entrepreneurial finance what should learn the lesson?

Sicong owe how many money?Entrepreneurial finance what should learn the lesson?

Hello everyone, I am the old demonLet's talk about Wang Sicong todayWang Sicong has been constantly talking about online recentlyThe reason was that he was blasted out and listed as an enforced by the court.As the saying goes, debts to othersThere was also a reversal on November 20thThe court cancelled his executionBut only after one daySeveral other courts have listed him as enforced.And a lot of his possessionsIncluding propertyThe cars are frozenSo many people are very curious what happened to Wang SicongHow much money do you owe?Why not pay it back?I also read a lot of media reports and analysis onlineActually a lot of ideas are not mentionedThat's why I made this video todayWhat elseI personally feel that this matter is actually a very good alert for domestic entrepreneurs.

Because it's plainIf you understand the ins and outs of the whole thingYou think Wang Sicong is quite wrong.I personally yelled for himSo let's talk about the reason behind this thing todayWang Sicong's liabilities disclosed online are 150 millionBut in fact, the old demon thinks that it is far more than 150 million, it should be an amount of at least one billion or even two billionWhy do you say that? We can look at Wang SicongThe plaintiffs in these courts actually found that they were related to Panda LiveOr a supplier of Panda LivePanda owed them money beforeEither an investor or shareholder before Panda LiveSo can sayWang Sicong's other investments should have no major problemsOf course he cast LeTVBut owed him moneyLet ’s not talk about it todayWang Sicong should say that only so much of his investment business is Panda LiveIt is now bringing him a huge property lossPanda Live is well knownAfter its establishment in 2015Experienced a rapid developmentA round, B round. 

B + round together, a lot of moneyWhen the live broadcast industry is at its peakHe basically ranks third in the industryThe front was very hot with betta and tiger teethBut this timeEveryone knows that live broadcasting is a very expensive businessHard to see profit in the short termYou include bettaIt's just now starting to make moneySo in the early days, you have to buy a lot of bandwidth.And have to sign a lot of anchorsThis cost is very highThen we can see Wang Sicong and his panda liveThe main body of these rounds of financing are RMB fundsThis brings up a very big problemI'll give you some science hereIn fact, there is a very big difference between US dollar financing and RMB financing.You are an entrepreneurYou made a companyYou are going to financeIf you raise moneyUS dollarsEveryone generally uses VIE structureBecause it is well knownMany industries cannot be listed in the country.

The earliest VIE architectureJust because Sina is going to go publicSo it was designed by some lawyersBecause for example like journalismIf your foreign ownership is highThen he is not allowed to be listed in ChinaThis time can only go abroadThen our VIE structure is to register a company overseasWhat about this companyWill be associated with this domestic operating companyNo equity relationshipBut for example technology outsourcing or consulting servicesTo outsource this business of a domestic company to this overseas companyActually, this is an undesired behavior.Is to transfer the profits of domestic companiesSo this company abroad earned income.

So after getting the incomeHe has a condition for listingSo when it ’s overseas, it ’s generally done like thisBut remember that this company registered overseas is generally the highest qualityWhat about this private companyGenerally there are two rolesOne is shareholdersOne is a directorThen the directors are all electedShareholders, according to everyone's investment ratioBut if this company goes bankruptOr in the case of Panda LiveThen the director is actually not responsibleBecause directors are electedYou do n’t necessarily need shareholders to be a directorThe liability of shareholders is also very limitedThe shareholder only needs to pay according to the amount he subscribed.

You say, for example, Panda Live now owes one billion peopleYou only subscribed for 10 million shareholdersThen you only need to pay ten million yuan.The other money has nothing to do with youAfter all the shareholders' money has been lost,The rest of the company will go bankrupt before liquidation.At lastWouldn't say that your assets as an individual shareholder go to unlimitedTo the bankruptcy amount of this companyBut it's different in ChinaWhat is said in China is that the legal person system has the same rights and shares.I'll give this to everyoneFor example, you are financing domestically nowYou look for domestic fundsThey usually sign a clauseWhat is this clauseIf, for example, you are three or five yearsOr not listed within the time limitOr not acquired by another companyThen you understand investorsHe will not recover this money.

Right He cannot cashHe asks you at this timeIf you don't reach this goalYou have to buy back my sharesAnd when repurchasing, I have to calculate my interest according to an annualized rate of return.15%Or some even as high as 20%10% lowerThis is actually very unfairThe simplest to understandThat is, I will give you this moneyOK if you go publicHow about weI'm goodHello everyoneI can monetize thisI can make a lot of moneyIf you do n’t do well, you ca n’t get on the marketNot even acquired by others.

Then you have to buy back my sharesAnd the amount you buy back must beFor example, I invested a millionThen you have to press one millionThen add 15% interest for each of these three years150,000 interest per yearYou have to use 1.45 millionamountI'll do it for simple interestNot compoundedYou have to use 1.45 million to buy backMy current shareThen everyone knows that this is very unfairThis is equivalent to the empty glove white wolfRightYou do not take risksBut bear the revenueThis is a very unfair actBut there is no wayBecause this is the current environment in ChinaRMB funds because of manyWhy do you say that everyone is willing to invest money in state-owned enterprises?Including bank money is also loaned to state-owned enterprisesBecause state-owned enterprises do not have such problemsIt has a guaranteeEven if you have such a debt problem you.

There will be this guaranteed repoBut for driversEntrepreneurs are poorIf you can't do it once the company appearsThen you must have no money to buy back these sharesSo this is when capital chooses you and when you choose capitalA tacit agreement or consensus reached by everyoneBecause many entrepreneurs have no more choices in the A or B roundBecause if you do n’t want this moneyYou can't get this moneyMaybe your company is deadThen you took the moneyMaybe you can still succeed and go public.

At this timeActually, it ’s nothing if you do it.In fact, for many poor entrepreneursIf you do n’t have much moneyActually your risk is not that greatWhy say soListen to meLet's say you've melted 20 million nowYou get 20 million now in round AFor example, given 20% of the shares of other investors, the company is valued at 100 millionIf three years have passedYour company may have failedNot listed and not acquiredMaybe even the momentum of development is not very goodAt this time, ordinary investors will not ask youWant this real go repoBecause first of all investors know you do n’t have money, right?Your entrepreneurs are poorYour company didn't do well where you came fromIf you do n’t have moneyIf he goes to sue you againYou can't take out the moneyInstead, I can't get this thing right and get it on the media.After getting bigger.

You have only one resultIs that the reputation of the investor is ruinedBecause investors also care about their feathersAre very small in this circlesometimesWhen really good projects need everyone to grabIf you have such reports in the mediaThat entrepreneur may not choose your fundMaybe people will choose IDGSequoiaThese rightSo investors can't say that they can easily bring every entrepreneur to court.SecondJustFor InvestorsHe is actually a fundHis investorThe investor is actually just a person who manages the fundsdo you knowThey all have investors, and the investors' money is ultimately counted in this fund.As long as you are profitable in general, understand?

For example, the success rate of VC may actually be less than 10%I cast ten projects outFinally there is a project to make moneyRight i can vote for facebookCan make me a thousand timesIn fact, it doesn't matter if other projects lose moneyAt this timeThe investors above them will no longer care about the gains and losses on some small projects.Then the 20 million that may be thrown at you will be goneBecause my other projects may earn 200 millionSo this is the current situation in ChinaSo back to our original topicWang Sicong probably at the time when he went to sign this agreementI believe he has his own problemsBecause Wang Sicong made this Pusi investment,He definitely knows this kind of market in ChinaWhen you might invest in another companyHe might also sign thisIf someone asks you not to do it in the futureThis agreement to repurchase his shares.

So when he was the investee,How to say, this tacit understanding has formed between investors and investeesHe can understand thisAnd these investors must have fancyed Wang Sicong at the time.Individuals have the ability to buy backThat's why Wang Sicong is the guaranteeThat ’s why they invested their money in Panda Live smoothly.Such a huge money burning machineThey feel that even if the money is burnedWe make moneyThen even if it is not doneWe can also sueThrough Wang Sicong's personal guaranteeLet Wang Song personally pay the money backThis is actually very unfair to Wang SicongVery very unfairI personally condemn this behavior.

But like I said before, adults are right or wrongOnly pros and consIt's like Wang Sicong chose to sign this agreement.Then he has to bear the agreement todayAlso brought him some lossesThat can only be saidEver sinceI think whether it is Wang Sicong orIt ’s good if everyone starts a business in ChinaYou must be cautious when choosing RMB fundsIf you are poorNothingThen you have nothing to lose, you have to sign with your eyes closedDone, OKNo way, no wayRightYou investorWhat do you say you really do n’t have moneyCan investors kill you?

In other wordsThe second is if you have a small amount of funding20 millionAt most I think it is not to be worth billions anywayIf you have hundreds of millionsBecause many fundsIt also has a small plateHe himself has only two or three hundred million platesHe voted for you 50 or 60 millionYou saidIf you can't get this item backThis money is also possibleThe entire fund cannot explain to his investorsSo control these twoIf the amount is not large, this is not a problem.When the amount is large, you must be careful not to make mistakes like Wang SicongThat's all for nowLet's finally fight for Wang Sicong againI think this is the situation in China nowEveryone is very rich, right?

I see a lot of people scolding on the InternetOr what to sayI think this thing is really boringThese people, first of all, their dad made so much moneyYou have to respect this entrepreneurial spiritRespect the struggle of entrepreneursThis is a basic of the market economyWhy can we China develop so well today and the economy can be the second largest economy in the worldBecause you respect private propertyYou respect entrepreneursYou have to respect the market to have today. 

Then, if everyone thinks of splitting fields, right?Then you market economyYou can't run itSo Wang Sicong and his father laid this riverThis business empireI do n’t think he has any problems enjoying this kind of resultsWithout any problemsThere is nothing to blameWang Sicong as an entrepreneurHe did Panda LiveHe made Pu Si investmentInvested in some very good companiesI think it's quite successful for himWe ca n’t win the battleCan't deny the whole person with the panda investment today.

Or to deny all his performanceThat can only be said of himHe is not very luckyAnd when he signed the agreement,Maybe he made a mistakeHe may also because I think it is possibleAt the time, the development of Panda Live was better.He is also more confidentSometimes this entrepreneurHis belief in his companyI think everyone should understandSometimes you think this thing can be doneFeel OKIt doesn't matter if there is a riskIf that happens to this day,I believe this is definitely not the situation that Wang Sicong would like to seeSo be more tolerantI think it's just to understand more about thisAnd for Wang SicongI believe this matter will eventually be resolvedbecauseEven if the two billion assets are for him and his fatherNor is it a problem that cannot be completely solvedAfter solving this problem,Another good guy, right?Entrepreneurship is endlessYou can fail this project todayMay succeed tomorrowsoI think everyone still needs more supportThen for usThe entrepreneurs in our country must remember the words I said earlierThat's it for today's videoSee you next time.

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