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It is because "turtle back" rapidly increases shoulders and neck


It came back to town. However, it differs from corona shock before. As for the infection countermeasure such as a mask, of course, it is obvious that "turtle neck" stands out. The head protrudes like a tortoise, and the body gets heavy so that it is dragged to the head. There are not only adult turtles but also children. The figure of people who stood at the waiting for the signal is a corps of "turtle neck".

The future of the health journalist Yuki Yuki was too much for her figure reflected in the show window... Turtle. The expression of the face on the neck which protruded before was either mindful or painful. It is too sad if it has changed from man to turtle in telework life for several months. Apparently, the voice that appeals to the upper body of the body seems to be increasing. Then, I went to Dr. Hiraizumi, a visiting professor at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Showa University School of medicine, and decided to teach "the rule to solve turtle neck stress".

Dr. Hiraizumi: "Turtle" is the name of the shooting. The bad posture seen in many people is "turtle" itself. The back is rounded, and the patient who complains of the malfunction is conspicuous because of the posture like a turtle that the neck and the leg have appeared in front. "

How does the "turtle neck" pose cause any malfunction?

Dr. Hiraizumi: "Shoulder dust, neck dust, headache, and fatigue. I have a complaint that 'my neck is heavy and I can't raise my head,' 'the pain runs from neck to arm' and 'I want to cut my neck'. The patient who came to hospital earlier was a "turtleneck" symptom. I was able to confirm that I was going out again. It was said, "because the neck is painful and painful, I want to take a pain stop and to lie down and to rest", and said, "it is not improved only by the pain stop and rest". By the way, because I write the manuscript every night, I will understand fatigue of the neck of the neck immediately and painful.

Telework, long time smurt cause "turtle neck"

Has the influence of telework also become "turtle neck" outstanding?

- Dr. Hiraizumi: "The adults are teleworking, and the children will have a great influence on the online classes for a long time. When you look down at the screen in a shrinking posture, your back is round and your neck goes out. Then, it is hard to wear the shoulder of the shoulder and the shoulder of the shoulder, and "sarucho" which covers the scapula from the back of the neck to the back. It becomes fatigue pain. "

That is, it seems like this. The adult's head is said to be ten percent of the body weight. If the weight is 50 kg, the head weighs more than 5 kg. It's like walking on a rice bag. To support the weight is muscle from neck to back. If the head is at the top of the body, it is well balanced, but if the body is rounded up and the head is pushed up by the long time PC work and the smack operation, and the neck is pushed forward, the center of gravity is collapsed, and the muscle of the neck and back is pulled. As a result, the muscle is tense and fatigued, and it causes fatigue in the upper body, such as neck and shoulder.

Head posture

Dr. Hiraizumi: there is a danger that the head of the tortoise can be hung down and the head will not be lifted up and down. In my hospital, several patients are getting worse this year.

Posture and posture. It seems that the "turtle neck" should not be despised as just "bad posture" or "fatigue". Let's learn "the rule of the turtle neck stress cancellation" to be released from "turtle neck".

Neither rule nor shoulder is in front of the body. I think that the head is above the body and the shoulder is behind the body

Let's check the ideal posture.

Dr. Hiraizumi. "Neither head nor shoulder should come before me. Originally, to support a heavy head balance, the head should be just above the body and the shoulders should be behind the body. The shoulder is in front, the back is round and the head is out. Always consciously pull your shoulder back and let your head return to the top of your body. "

Rule 2: 40 seconds

In order to resolve "turtle neck", it is important to raise the neck first. However, there is not a voice saying "the neck is painful and the head does not rise". Because I have a long time to write a manuscript, I always feel heavy and heavy like an iron plate on my shoulder. Therefore, even if the posture is conscious, it will return to the "turtle neck" posture immediately if it notices. First of all, I want to manage the bitter neck.

-- Dr. Hiraizumi, first of all, let's head off. However, please do not hesitate to move the neck and feel the pain and the cornea. There is a risk of compressing the neck and damaging the neck. In particular, when it is more than a middle-aged or older person, the intervertebral disc which is a cushion between the bone and the bone is reduced by aging, and the load is increased in the intervertebral joint, and it is easy to cause the arthritis in the slightest stimulation. Slow down with deep breath while confirming dust and swelling. "

(1) crushing the neck back and forth and left and right

(2) touching the right hand from the upper side of the head, and using the weight of the hand, and slowly knocking the head on the right side by exchanging breath. Feel the stretch from neck to shoulder


(4) stretch the back and fold both hands behind the head. The head is lowered with the weight of the hand while breathing, and the Igo approaches the chest for 10 seconds. Feel the stretch from neck to back

(5) raise the agate slowly while sucking and breathe

1 set 40 seconds. I tried at once. As I have a pain in my neck, I slowly sweep my neck slowly. It is difficult to move first and does not grow easily. However, when it continues with the breath, it becomes smooth from the iron plate, and it spreads smoothly. Not only neck but also shoulder and back stretch. The weight of the head is not felt, and the neck and shoulders are light.