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Five major security issues facing cloud computing

system securityThe position of the network to carry out security in the informationization of society as a whole is known to every information technology educator, whether it is the security of confidentiality of documents in the personal machine of the desktop system, or the security of communication through the network technology equipment,Bentley ProjectWise as well as the security of mail servers and the development of the overall economy of the enterprise information service system.

In the development of network security in the last decade of the last century, stand-alone antivirus and anti-virus were the most important forms. And into this century, firewalls,Bentley BIM prevention of intrusion as well as three-dimensional defense against attacks became the new security solutions.

However, with the development of the economic times and the complexity of the Internet, these national common technology teaching tools can not have not fully meet the challenges of the new situation of security management issues we face the following challenges.

Virtualization brings virtual machine system security

Today, virtualization is not new to most information workers. The reason is simple. The utilization of server hosts is not very high. If you encounter a heterogeneous environment, the solution with virtual machines is a very economical and convenient method, so it is loved by most enthusiasts.

However, the problem also comes, open so many virtual machines for no reason, if there is no one management system to carry out the infection of the virus, other control system design will be implicated, isolation of the staff can do a good job, and even the background of the storage and data analysis of information and whether it is affected.BIM Viewer If the virtual machine system crashes, whether the existence of other virtual machines will have an impact on the enterprise, this is a very real problem for us.

Cloud computing how to protect their business critical data

Cloud computing is also the hottest topic of the moment. Putting your business in a cloud data center saves a lot of work in terms of how easily users within the system can share it. It looks beautiful, but what about security? What about data leakage?

This is a question in the mind of every CIO, this question is both security and information planning issues, or to familiarize themselves with all aspects of cloud computing, I actually do virtualization in which layer, how to do. These issues bring opportunities and challenges to security providers.

The rise of e-commerce brings authentication security, personal information security and transaction security

E-commerce business has become a very important development of China's Internet research direction, at present, each year, the national social network environment generated by the transaction has accounted for 9% of the total cost of all transactions throughout the year, and many valuable large items also have a tendency to trade on top of the network technology.

Therefore, the security of e-commerce transactions has become a very urgent issue, in this regard, the user's security protection seems to be very weak, the theft of personal transaction passwords, website or bank database information leakage problems are endless, and become a new security hotspot.

Security issues arising from the impact of mobile users on traditional networks

With the popularization of smartphones and the development of mobile connectivity, the security of mobile terminals has challenged the traditional network attack and defense systems. As we all know, in the past, the traditional security protection is to protect my server ports, with firewalls and traffic monitoring to cast a Maginot defense, so that mail servers, database servers, and all kinds of attacks from the outside will be blocked. However, when the mobile Internet enters the regular network, I guess the former flat surface has become three-dimensional. Many email viruses or attack programs are introduced from cell phones or PDAs, which makes traditional protection systems a huge challenge.

Information security from data centers and cloud storage

The data information center built ten years ago, not only the equipment is aging, that is, the overall architectural design of the enterprise can no longer be adapted to the development of society. Every day can produce massive data analysis how to store, unlimited expansion of students' own hardware facilities and equipment is unrealistic. Then, can only try cloud storage, but, when the data have moved to the cloud, security management issues immediately came again. Is not the traditional data center to the end of life, the new energy efficient data research center and how to build through, this is as a very headache.

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