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Don't be afraid to try new things. Tips for turning melancholy into opportunities


Let's get melancholy on your side!

When you try something new, do you feel depressed, such as "what to do if you fail", "I'm worried", "it's troublesome"? But in fact, the more depressed you are, the more chances you have for growth. I want to make sure that I don't miss a chance to grow.

Here are some tips on why you feel depressed and how you can face those feelings and turn them into opportunities.

Why are you depressed?

I have a strong feeling that I don't want to fail

When you start a new thing, are you full of anxiety about what to do if you make a mistake? Maybe I'm feeling depressed because I'm afraid of failure. It's because of perfectionism that you have to be perfect.

Feel troublesome

I feel uneasy about trying new things, and what if I can't ... In some cases, the heavy waist cannot be lifted due to negative thoughts such as. Only the desire to act is ahead, and the more you procrastinate, the more troublesome it becomes. That hassle leads to feelings of melancholy and melancholy.

Thinking from a short-term perspective

When you try something new, are you thinking of getting the results and results right away? If you try to get results and results right away, only the impatience will hunt you down. Only impatience and anxiety are leading me and pushing myself more and more.

I'm afraid of change

When I start something, I get depressed because I'm afraid of changes in the situation. In particular, the older you grow up, the more likely you are to be afraid of change. Jumping from the current stage to the next stage is exciting, but at the same time there is anxiety and fear.

A collection of tips to seize growth opportunities

Anxiety is a precursor to success

If you don't try anything, you won't even feel anxious. Start by understanding that when you feel anxious, it's time for you to grow.

If you can imagine that you will succeed after overcoming your anxiety, you can turn your anxiety into a positive one.

It doesn't have to be perfect

The thoughts that many people think about when starting a new thing are "I don't want to fail" or "I'm worried about failure". Isn't that feeling because you're trying to do it perfectly when you start something in the first place?

I do things I've never done before, so it's natural that I can't do it perfectly. If you keep in mind the feeling that "it is impossible to be perfect!" From the beginning, you can feel afraid of failure and say goodbye!

Focus on yourself

If you care too much about what people around you think, you will not be able to focus on your new challenges. In some cases, such as "If you make a mistake, what will that person think ...", you may be focusing on your surroundings rather than on yourself as you challenge yourself.

Instead of turning your consciousness around, turn your attention to yourself. For example, if you make a mistake or don't go well, compare yourself with yourself, not with someone around you. Doing so will ease your mind and help you get out of the depressed mood.

Don't rush the results

Take on challenges from a long-term perspective, rather than trying to get results right away. The real pleasure of the challenge is that you cannot get results or results immediately. You should be growing even more as you overcome the high walls.

Set small goals

Sometimes trying new things can be too pressureful and burdensome for you. At such times, set small goals to achieve that big challenge. Doing small goals one by one will give you confidence in yourself.

Even if you are afraid of changes in the situation, you can challenge yourself at your own pace if the changes change little by little. It is recommended that you can work with excitement as if you were going through the game.

Let's grow up with a positive feeling

Here are some reasons why you may feel depressed when trying something new, and tips on how to deal with your feelings of depression. I'm trying new things, so I want to achieve it with a positive feeling. I hope you find it helpful so that you can challenge yourself with a positive feeling.