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Baseus "minimalist" MagSafe magnetic charger

Baseus launched "minimalist" MagSafe magnetic charger, compatible with iPhone 12 and Qi protocol
News from IT House, November 30 Recently, Baseus released a magnetic wireless charger called "Minimalist", compatible with 15W MagSafe fast charging of Apple iPhone 12 series , and can be used for other compatible Qi wireless charging protocols . Mobile phones, such as mobile phones after Apple iPhone 8, Xiaomi 10, etc. The specific model of the charger is BS-W517, the shell is made of aluminum alloy + tempered glass, and the colors are black/gold/transparent.

Different from Apple's official MagSafe charger, Baseus's product body and wire are separated, using Type-C interface, input compatible with QC/PD fast charging protocol. Using fixed frequency voltage regulation technology, peak output power of 15W, consistent with Apple's official charger.
According to the official rendering, there is a thermocouple in the middle of the coil to monitor the temperature and avoid the danger of overheating.

Baseus extremely simple magnetic wireless charger transparent version, you can see the internal electronic components. According to the rendering diagram, the charger uses a black PCB and the circuit layout is regular.
According to IT House, Baseus also launched a magnetic wireless charger called " Mini Mini ", model BS-W522, in black and silver. With a different, this section cable and charger into one, lose the only support PD protocol , charging function only supports Apple iPhone 12 series phones, magnetic protective cover, does not guarantee that other compatible handsets.

According to IT Home, these two products are currently sold in a small amount on Taobao, priced at around RMB 110.