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Waiting for Tsukkomi or the British New Comedy


It is no longer a joke for iron plates.

A group of industrial associations near London on 12th of this month. One of the speakers started out at the beginning. It is "my son recently, began to learn the number. Dad, I'm persistent and put a quiz of large numbers because anything good. So, I question this morning." UK national referendum in the European Union (EU) withdrawal How many days have passed since I decided? ”My son ran away.

The venue was laughter. By the way, the answer was 1235 days.

In Europe, the EU withdrawal problem is called in Europe by the name “Brexit”, which is a mixture of “British” Britain and “Exit” exits. The scheduled date of Brexit, which was postponed from spring to October 31, was extended to the end of January next year. This is the third postponement. If you make a mistake, the world has become tense as it may involve the world economy in a vortex, but what about the UK in the field?

A word from the owner of the fish shop

What is worrisome about Brexit is “no agreement”. “Agreement” refers to a promise that the UK and the EU have decided to leave, and the main rule is to keep the rules of trade as they are for a certain period of time. Without this, people's lives and corporate activities will be hindered. However, the UK has not settled the parliamentary opinion, and the UK government and EU have not yet reached an “agreement”.

People in the city are anxious. In early October, I covered a shopping street in northern London.

A fish shop that is 8 years old. Afghan store manager Abdul, 45, broke his eyebrows, "If that happens, I will lose the store."

There are about 60 kinds of seafood such as salmon, perch, shrimp and octopus in the store. Point to them, "This is from France , that is from Spain ." Indeed, if you leave without agreement, it may be difficult to obtain, or the purchase price may rise due to the weaker pound. Looks serious. Abdul looked into my face as he tried to finish the interview after listening to the story.

“By the way, do you really believe that there is a“ no agreement ”?”

This time I frowned. Huh,…