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Why are many manufacturers gradually using vacuum pressurized casting machines today?

Why are many manufacturers gradually using vacuum pressurized casting machines today?

At present, the whole jewelry manufacturing field has produced a lot of manufacturers with vacuum pressurized casting machine to produce and manufacture precious metal jewelry, this is why?

In fact, it is because the jewelry casting process will occur more or less metal oxides and even jewelry quality problems,vacuum casting and vacuum pressurized casting machine - can be in the whole process of casting under full vacuum conditions, and at the same time into the rare gas, so the overall show negative pressure, greatly reducing the surface layer of the very likely to produce small bubbles. At the same time also very good protection of the metal from oxidation.

Vacuum pressurized casting machine smelting and casting are very interesting 2 whole process

Smelting operation process, high frequency working voltage according to the refined heating electromagnetic coil, in the coil caused by the positive and negative pole a momentary change, the metal in the clamp pot by the magnetic beam through the whole line, resulting in the relative correspondence with the electrical flow of the eddy current, and the object has a resistor, the electrical flow will cause a lot of vortex electric field in the internal structure of the metal, is the object temperature quickly rise, to achieve the corresponding solution point. At the same time, the built-in magnetic mixing effect of our vacuum pressurized casting machine further reduces the air oxidation of the metal.

After the metal volume into liquid state, the heating cooked plaster mold steel cup into the casting room, the casting room to carry out vacuum solution, and then add maintenance vapor, metal liquid according to the clamp pot leakage gantry type fall into the cooked plaster mold, at the same time the machine equipment will be fully automatic pressurization, all the casting process is realized in the case of pressurization, which also greatly reduces the porosity of the casting parts or collection, so that the relative density of the casting parts to further improve The surface layer is bright and free of air oxidation.

Vacuum Pressurized Casting Machine

At the same time vacuum pressurized casting machine in the K gold jewelry casting antioxidant practical effect is very significant, because K gold is made of a variety of metals mixed together, vacuum pressurized casting natural environment also allows K gold air oxidation reduced to come to a minimum, reduce the casting of the whole process of raw material depletion, the quality of jewelry obtained also have more assurance.

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