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There's a way to get the secret to baby clothes, check out this mom and dad's clothing guide

Childrens Sweaters

As the old saying goes, "dress up as a vegetarian, dress up as a golden Childrens SweatersBuddha". Many mothers-to-be prepare clothes for their babies before they are born. After the baby is born, many relatives and friends will also send a variety of small clothes.

However, the baby can choose their own clothes with adults to carry the difference can be very big. Adults will need to pay more attention to the style of student clothes when buying clothes, choose a fashionable and beautiful clothes, baby's clothes are not suitable for such a domestic approach.

So what concerns and priorities do parents have when choosing clothes for their children? Are many new and complicated designs really suitable for babies?

New parents always have a way to buy baby clothes for their babies, not the more fashionable the better

My colleague Ling Ling is a young and fashionable "hot mom" whose biggest hobby is shopping. After she got pregnant, Ling Ling often went to mom and pop stores to prepare in advance to fill up her baby's closet.

However, Ling Ling shopping for a period of working time after the mother and baby store frustrated to find that the mother and baby store selling clothes these are more or less the same, although touch are more comfortable, but for the style is also very in line with the public, the problem does not meet the requirements of their own vision.

Therefore, Ling Ling chose to find clothes for the children online, in addition to exquisite and beautiful clothes, Ling Ling also bought some small bracelets and small necklaces for the children, hoping to make the baby become "the most fashionable baby".

When the dresses were delivered, her best friend Qiaoqiao happened to visit her. Ling Ling couldn't resist showing off to her best friend, but was "poured cold water" by her mother Qiao Qiao, who said, "It's a beautiful dress, but even the kids can't wear it." . Look at the threads on this dress. If you're not careful, you'll get tangled up with the kids. This one is even more ridiculous. It has individual stitches..."

Hearing my best friend's words, Ling realized she had done wrong in her kindness.

Overly elaborate clothing is problematic

Baby parents want to pass their children beautiful, but the most important thing for the baby's clothing is a safety, the more complicated clothes need to be, the more safety risks hidden dangers.

In fact, the "National Textile Basic Safety Technical Code" provides the basic safety requirements, test methods, inspection rules and so on for infant and toddler clothing.

Like some non-standard clothes, although beautiful but the baby has to take off clothes many times a day, clothes are too complicated children are not comfortable, adults will find it troublesome.

So how do we choose baby clothes? Please check the baby clothes selection guide. Parents look not blind.

Parents to buy baby clothes, there are "3 key 4 concern" need to know in advance to master

Key one: according to the child's age to buy, do not "greedy"

Babies grow quickly, and some parents will deliberately buy larger clothes for convenience. This behavior is very unwelcome, because the baby does not fit the clothes will make them feel uncomfortable, more likely to catch a cold, hinder their motor development, preventing them from crawling and standing.

Key points:The difference between separates clothes and onesies depending on the stage of the child's purchase.

Younger children we can buy by buying onesies, package diapers is very convenient, and can protect their baby's tummy to prevent the baby from catching a cold, and so the baby has grown up as well as some then buy the split clothes and pants.

Focus three: according to the child's degree of movement to buy, limit the baby movement should be abandoned

After the baby is born, the need for moderate exercise to promote the development of their physical and mental health, so the baby's clothes as simple as possible, do not cover their hands and feet, can not restrict their own activities.

1. Pay attention to the fabric used for clothes.

This is also very important, the baby's clothes try to carry out to choose their own choice of a soft and comfortable cotton, and to try to pass the choice of light-colored clothing, because the light-colored clothing aspect can make the child learn to calm down, more conducive to lulling to sleep.

Note 2: pay attention to the decoration on the clothes

Baby clothes without buttons or accessories, because the baby will be very interested in these small things, often tugging them, once accidentally swallowed by the baby, it is easy to cause serious consequences.

And many hoodies on the pull cord is also worth parents to be alert. This rope is generally very strong, once hung in something or twisted into a dead end, it will be very dangerous.

Concern 3: Pay attention to the source of students' clothes

When parents choose baby clothes, try to choose brand-name clothing, although more expensive, but the source is guaranteed, try not to rely on stores or stalls to buy baby clothes.

Concern 4: Pay attention to the work of clothing

After buying the clothes, parents should not forget to check inside and out, and cut off the extra threads on the clothes to prevent the baby from getting tangled in the hands after wearing them.

Choosing clothes is a matter that requires our care and patience, parents start developing slowly from in pregnancy to choose

Baby's clothes do not allow parents to be sloppy, so parents must be ready to start preparing as early as possible in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

In addition, newborns usually sleep under blankets, so there is no need to prepare a lot of clothes, as long as they are happy enough. When children are 3 months old, they can usually wear size 59 clothes, and parents who follow them can choose according to their children's specific conditions.