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Car battery out of power how to do? Don't panic, teach you a trick, battery loss are not afraid of

Trailer towing start

If I ask you a question: What is the most important thing in a car? Many people will answer: the engine. Because the car's engine is the heart of the car, directly related to the car's good or bad and performance, just like our human heart and our life is as important, although this is true.lithium battery cell machine But you know what? Car battery is the battery of the car, it is also very important for a car, it can convert chemical energy into electrical energy, belongs to the DC power source, also plays an irreplaceable role.

If our car engine wants to start, it needs this battery. Only this battery can provide a strong starting current to the engine. If the generator is too narrow, it can also help the engine to supply power to the electrical equipment, if the engine is idling, it can also supply power to the electrical equipment. But what if the car battery is suddenly dead? Don't panic, don't be in a hurry, here are a few tips to share with you, whether it's dead or not.

Trailer towing start

Towing system start and cart start has very similar problems, but the enterprise relative to the cart start, this teaching method to save more time and effort, but we must first have their own peer vehicles, that is, a car in front of a car pulling the back of the car, the towing rope tied up after the strong, the front and back of the car drivers must communicate with each other through the discussion of a good start when a little slower in the road car driving process should be even more important.car battery manufacturers On the road car driving process should pay more attention to information security, the back of the vehicle in the start of the teacher should signal the front car. When stopping, the rear vehicle should not be able to turn off the engine.

Care should also be taken to optimize the use of tow ropes, which may not be tough or taut enough, and which have special hooks that are not harmful to the vehicle.

Borrowing electricity and wiring

Borrowing electricity for wiring also requires getting help from your car, and you also need to prepare two thicker wires, usually red and black. The correct operation is to connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the rescued car, then to the positive terminal of the rescue car, then to the negative terminal of the rescue car, then to the negative terminal of the rescued car.battery coating The rescuing vehicle starts the engine and the rescued vehicle starts the engine again.

NOTE: There is a very important step to take the power cord which must not be neglected because if there is a mistake it will burn the dual batteries! It is very important to connect the wires first to the positive, then to the negative, and finally start the vehicle.

Human Powered Carts

Manual push car is the simplest and most common method, but for manual transmission models can be realized, as long as you can find a friend or passerby to push the car, not for automatic transmission! Specific method:After the car is put into first gear, slowly lift the clutch, use the wheel to turn the power to drive the engine flywheel rotation. To put it bluntly, it is to replace the starter motor on the engine with human power, but in the human pushchair wheel drive flywheel rotation, the starter motor directly drive flywheel rotation.

Emergency start

In fact, we do not care which teaching methods used by students, the ultimate goal of the development of the enterprise in order to make the vehicle start up, the first three research methods require teachers to resort to external forces, more or less inconvenient, so the relevant recommendations of the company can be based on the prior preparation of a national emergency power starter, and we usually use a charging treasure as big as the key to the encounter of the battery is out of battery or loss of power, as long as the connection Emergency starter can be realized on their own to start the vehicle!

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