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The $1,000 deductible is what?

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The $1,000 deductible is what?

You would be responsible for paying the first $1,000 of a $2,000 medical cost if you have a health insurance coverage with a $1,000 deductible; however, the remaining $1,000 would be covered by your insurance.

What is the deductible amount?

your out-of-pocket expenses for eligible health care services before your insurance plan begins to compensate you. If your deductible is $2,000, for instance, you are responsible for paying your first $2,000 of covered services.

What is the salary of a Kaigo in Japan?

Depending on your qualifications, the organization you work for, and your location, caregivers often make between JPY 120,000 and JPY 185,000 per month. Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) participants in the caregiving workforce are paid less since they typically lack certification and expertise. Each month's alary may be different.

What is the highest documented flood in history?

Summary of the Six Biggest Floods Ever Seen on Earth, The Great Drowning of MenFlood Ranking Name Location1 Great Men's Drowning (1219) Germany, The Netherlands, and the United KingdomThe John Town Flood, 1889 Pennsylvania's John Town3 Yellow River Flood of 1887 in Qing, China4 Yangtze River Flood, China (1931)two additional rows

Do Japanese people still exist?

One of the biggest markets in the world for life insurance is in Japan. Japan came in third place globally in terms of premium writing after the United States and China.

What is a decent wage in Japan?

The range of Japanese e-alaries. In Japan, an employee's typical monthly salary can range from about 130,000 JPY (958 U.S. dollars) to 2,300,000 JPY (16,944 U.S. dollars).

What state has the highest rate of motor vehicle injuries?

I'm ippiThe highest percentage of uninsured motorists may be found in Mii Ippi.In 2019, Michigan had the highest percentage of uninsured motorists (29.5%), followed by Tennessee (23.7%), New Mexico (21.8%), Washington State (21.7%), and Mississippi (29.5%).

Which Japanese city is the most earthquake-prone?

The most earthquake-prone city in Japan isbr>Tokyo: As the country's capital and most populated metropolis, Tokyo is thought to be particularly earthquake-prone.Yokohama: Just outside of Tokyo, Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan.There is also...

When I leave Japan, how do I get my pen?

How to receive a lump-sum payment return
Send a "moving-out notice" form (ten hut u todoke) to the city office. fill out a Withdrawal Payment Claim form and submit it.Fill out the form and gather the necessary paperwork. finish it off with the designated Japan Postal Service.

Why is the obesity rate in Japan so low?

Japanese people have very active lives on a daily basis. Unless they live in a rural region, the majority of them use public transportation and walk a lot. The average person in Japan walks 8000 steps each day, which burns 220 calories for someone who weighs 45 kg.