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forehead thermometerelectronic thermometer reasonable use of the method here!

forehead thermometerelectronic thermometer reasonable use of the method here!

The State Drug Administration clearly braun thermoscan ear thermometer stipulates that since January 1, 2026, the manufacture of tribute-containing thermometers and tribute-containing blood pressure device goods is expressly prohibited, which represents the development of mercury thermometers with many people in the future will say goodbye to the big guys, right?

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Mercury thermometer accidentally thrown to the ground, the liquid mercury inside will leak out and evaporate into the air.
There is a high risk that some children will chew the thermometer when measuring the mouth gauge.
When mercury evaporates into the air, it can easily enter the body according to the respiratory and digestive systems, irritating the mucous membranes and causing side effects such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.
If too much is inhaled at one time, it may even cause symptoms of poisoning, ventricular respiration and endanger personal safety.
The adsorption of mercury is also very strong, it is likely to be attached to the surrounding things, indirectly endangering health.

Do not use mercury thermometer, plastic prototype other temperature gauge can be measured accurately?
Human body temperature measurement is prohibited, it is likely to be jeopardized by many reasons, including the natural environment, the precise measurement location, the operator's temperature measurement skills are wrong. Today, we will talk about what to focus on when measuring body temperature.
Note a: ear temperature gun, not a plug
Ear temperature gun to measure body temperature faster, about 2-4 seconds to measure the ambient temperature. Ear temperature gun accurately measure the ear tympanic membrane ambient temperature, which is also the body key ambient temperature, must be thoroughly exposed to the ear canal. Therefore, the application of the ear temperature gun must not be stuffed in the ears in the past.
Correct posture: When taking ear temperature for small children, you must first mention it and then pull the inside of the ear downward toward the outside, and the opposite for older children, who must pull it upward toward the back. If you apply yourself at home, generally especially small babies are not proposed to use an ear thermometer, because their ear holes are small and the environmental temperature of the ear drum is not easy to measure.

Note two: the forehead thermometer, and not the forehead precise measurement
Although the frontal thermometer can detect the human body temperature in 1 second, and do not have direct contact with the body skin, but it also has more disadvantages. The bigger disadvantage is that the accurate measurement conclusion is vulnerable to the external environment temperature, such as ice treasure paste, cotton towel ice and other elements of harm, the accurate measurement conclusion is easy to error. In addition, many people apply forehead thermometer accurate measurement site are not accurate.

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