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What should you do after using hookah insecticide?

What should you do after using hookah insecticide?

It is important to pay attention to a few things after using shisha insecticides (insecticides) in the indoors. fly killer Should I rewash my clothes and bedding? How long will I have to wait before going outside?

Other than borax (for ants and cockroaches), I have only been able to use Shisha insecticides for years.

In this product, pyrethrin is the main ingredient. cockroach insecticide spray It does not break down as easily in the air as natural pyrethrin, but it is less toxic to mammals. Therefore, official statements from the manufacturers concerned indicate that the hookah has only enough time to decompose in the air and it will not have an impact on the original lifestyle.

In spite of the fact that pyrethrin has enough time to break down, we recommend that you still clean sensitive skin, babies, and pets well; mosquito killer and wash bed sheets and pillow cases you chew during sleep.

Although 93% of people may believe that washing is unnecessary and I have not washed it, natural pyrethrin is easier to break down compared to synthetic pyrethrin, which has a longer residual time and higher toxicity. While shisha insecticides have low toxicity and can decompose in the air without immediate harm, it's important to note that the ingredient pyrethrin can still be toxic and warrants our attention.

You can just change drinking water, pots and pans, furniture, clothing and bedding that can't be washed and wiped if you aren't too concerned about the health risks of pyrethroids. When children are prone to sensitive skin, it is best to wash clothes and bedding once.

Information about pyrethrin

There are two kinds of pyrethroid flavors: natural and synthetic. The natural pyrethroids are derived from the flowers of pyrethrum (red or white flowers), which paralyze insects quickly, and leave little residue, so they can be used to kill insects.

Because natural pyrethrins are limited in production, are more or less present in most household insecticides, and are limited in quantity, synthetic pyrethrins were developed to meet market demand. By gradually replacing natural pyrethrins, odor-sensitive insects and eggs can be killed, and patients with broad bean disease have greater access to natural pyrethrins.

Synthetic pyrethrins can cause rashes, sneezing, gasping, or even shock in some people when inhaled or in contact with their skin.

Control problems with hookahs

Can we enter the discharge area after using the hookah?

In order to obtain the best control effect, it is recommended to enter after four hours if the fan has been blown out of the window for two hours.

Is it necessary to wash the POTS and pans used in the diet?

Dishwashing liquid should be used to clean it.

Is it necessary to wipe furniture floors after using shisha insecticide?

In particular, synthetic pyrethrin is very harmful to cats if there are children or pets at home.

Is it better to change the water in the water fountain or in the kettle?

Food, water bottles, and other kitchen utensils should be packed in a large garbage bag and put in a safe place, or tied tightly with an elastic band. Pyrethrin dissolves in water, killing fish in tanks.