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How the global economy affects each other?


There's been a macroshift towards a new way of working and living. People are moving to cities,

seeking community, purpose, and the opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves.

To create their life's work. For the first time in human history,the majority of people are living in cities. Where will we work? Where will we play? How will we live? How we will navigate the future of work in cities to progress towards a new economy that uplifts all communities, is perhaps the most important question of our time.

WeWork answers this call by creating an economic ripple effect for people and businesses, neighborhoods and our cities. Together we can reimagine, reshape and rehumanize the architecture of our space, our buildings, and our cities to support innovation and encourage human connection and creativity.

Whether an entrepreneur, a local small business, or a Fortune 500 enterprise, WeWork provides the space, services, and community people need to make a life and not just a living.

And it is a new generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs who are leading this movement. All of this is helping bring new people, businesses, and economic activity to neighborhoods. Supporting sustainable transit, bringing a big boost for local businesses, and attracting big businesses too.

All of that growth means impact. WeWork creates a two times economic multiplier, meaning every 10,000 WeWork members in a city create an additional 10,000 jobs through indirect and induced spending, enabling sustainable growth, With all of those members working and living in their communities, the WeWork economy generates billions for cities every year, with a community of hundreds of thousands of members across hundreds of WeWork locations in cities around the world, WeWork is helping uplift our communities and connect to a global network of creators in cities around the world. We are committed to our communities and we are going to keep building, keep innovating, and keep fighting to create economic opportunity for people across this country and around the world.

We're just getting started.

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