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Testing of the Corning's New Gorilla Glass 6

Testing of the Corning's New Gorilla Glass 6

Every time you touch your phone ,you are likely touching glass made by Corning which makes some of the toughest glass in the world.

Corning has been making glass for smart phones for years. Starting with the first iPhone in 2007,just last year Apple invested 200 million in the company's R&D branch.Corning just relesased its latest product Gorilla Glass 6.

John Bayne said:Gorilla Glass 6 not only survives higher drop Heights than Guru glass 5 but also survives repeated drop.We did a recent survey and people are dropping their phones roughly seven times a year and the majority of these drops are occurring at 1 meter.So in our lab test,we drop Gorilla Glass 6 on a test vehicle repeatedly to servived up to 15 times which was twice the survival rate of Gorilla Glass 5 and when we look at competing glasses most of them broke after the first drop.

Like past iterations the development of Gorilla Glass 6 was a trial and error process.

John Bayne said:When we start designing new glasses,we literally start with thousands of compositions and our glass technologists will use computer simulation computer modeling to narrow those thousands of compositions down to say a few dozen. Then we'll do what are called crucible melts will actually melt the glass and small crucibles and tests for properties from that will down to select to maybe 2 to 3 to 4 candidate classes to do actual melting trials.

Corning also spends a lot of time trying to break the unbreakable glass.That's where the reliability lab comes in.

John Bayne said:Our mission is basically to make each generation of girl glass better than the prior.Generation basically what we do is we test thousands of pieces of girl glass every.We do drop testing we do ball testing we do been testing.We're basically trying to understand why the glass fails and then understand what attributes.We can innovate around to make the glass even better next generation.

After the glass has gone through all the various forms of abuses,Corning's engineers examine the fractures under a microscope to determine why the glass broke and how those breaks can be prevented in the future.Corning has said Gorilla Glass has been installed on six billion devices worldwide since it debut in 2007.

John Bayne said:These's been no other time in human history where in human history where more people have Carried the same device on their person 

at the same time not even eyeglasses.

Corning says that if smartphone of today were made with the same thickness as say the original iPhone.Gorilla Glass 6 would make them virtually unbreakable.But phone makers have opted to make the phones thinner and lighter. Therefore also more fragile which is part of the reason why this still happens.Gorilla Glass 6 will be on new devices by the end of this year.

John Bayne said:Glass is more important than ever it's not only on the front of the device , it's now on the back of the device that can  be used as a design element on the back and it enables wireless charging and higher data rates like five Jesus.Glass is 100% of the future of the smartphone industry.

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