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How can we defeat the tired Society

Translator: Meshari Alsehli Auditor: Nada Qanbarwhich of you felt that he had worked hard last year?Please raise your hands.Look around you!There are many hands.According to statistics, this is expected.Look at these numbers.This is the proportion of the workforce in every country,Those who feel overworked.These numbers refer to millions of people around the world,Who feel tired and tired.It is fair to say that we live in a draining society.Thus was the case with our car to be a symbol of that.Just look at this guy and how proud he is.Even though those days were in a bleeding society,however, it was very hard working days.When someone asks about our condition,our answer is mostly,"Too busy."Imagine being our answer,"In fact, I am very comfortable."You will appear to be unimportant.(Laughter)Right?And because we are always busy getting the best qualifications and experience,Building the best objects, or getting the most likes,or spend the coolest holidays,we do our best from sunrise to sunset.And every day we end up tired of our family.And the next day, the matter is repeatedwith a table full of works.I fell prey to this myself.I was overwhelmed by a frustrating financial lifestyle and uninterrupted development.You could say that I was addicted to it.Because ten years ago, I had a problem.

How can we defeat the tired Society

For whenever I was asked to make a toast at a family dinner.For example on Christmas,The juice is scattered from my cup,because I was afraid to speak to the public.Whenever I am asked to speak to a group of people,my hands start shivering involuntarily.This seemed somewhat strange to the family,but it was not that dilemma until I joined my first job.I was twenty years old, as my job required giving speeches.In one of those speeches, my boss was standing at the end of the hall,somewhat smaller than this and did not utter a word.But two days later he passed by my desk,he threw something on him.It was a book, I picked it up:Self-help book to speak to the public.Very deft.(Laughter)I read the book, and because it is one of my managers, I read it twice,and I practiced what was over and over again.My hands began to flicker, little by little.And then I thought,"What else can I develop on my own?"So I started reading self-help books on organization and negotiation,increase work efficiency, earn money, spend it, save it, and train,writing checklists, doing nothing, sleeping ..... etc.I started developing myself to make it happen.And everyone around me was suffering from the same problem.Just like me, they were able to handle emails in a blink of an eye,but with angry faces and tight shoulders.I've always had my thoughts on work and the aspirin diet.But as I said earlier, I used to see my colleagues and friends suffer from the same problem.And every time I go to a party,hear about someone else who has overworked their shoulders.As I said: It is a real epidemic.And so I wanted to find out why,I went back to self-help again,it deepened in the world of positive psychology.I learned two things.The first is that in a drain societywe live life as a competition.And all the goals that we want to achieve deserve this.From money to fame.We always measure it on other people.So, we should have more than others.The second thing I learned:It is very bad to see life as a competition.Because it is a competition that no one can win.No matter how successful we are,there is always someone else who looks better than us.For example, choose any professional footballer.You find that he lives a life where millions of children dream.But you find him jealous because of the presence of Lionel Messi,although he is the best soccer player in the world.What about Messi?Mostly you find him jealous too.Because Cristiano Ronaldo is his biggest rival,he has won all the prizes.What about Ronaldo?I think he is also not satisfied,Because of the rhetoric that Messi has more talent than him.So no matter how successful you are even if you are at the top,there is always someone else who looks better than you.And if we know this reason and add the drain of work so hard,as most of you do,to the empty promise of success,you have the drain list on your right and left.So we know that now.What is the treatment then?And the crazy thing is:we all know the answer.All the research I have read about happiness confirms something clear.It is that we all know what makes us happy.They are things like helping people,or spending time with those you care about,or get into a state of flow -When you lose your sense of yourself in an active focus and ignore the time -Or enjoy learning a new skill,instead of focusing on what other people think about your accomplishments.And there is another gratitude.Countless studies have shownThat the people who feel the value of what they have now,they are often happier than others.So when I read all of the self-help books,I started to shake my head and said to myself, "Yes!I will change my ways. I will do it all in a different way.This is my list, and I will complete all tasks on it. "Two weeks later, I had forgotten all about it.So instead of building Lego Castle with my son,I was still worried, so I worked all night.Instead of spending time with my wife,I was checking my email every two minutes.Instead of enjoying the work itself,I was thinking about what people think about my work.I knew exactly what pleased me, but I failed because of these ideas.And I think it's because of someone else,media, ads, and racing to get likes,they all urge us to adhere to the goals of others.Goals like money,Or fame,Or strength,These goals are definitely the things that prevent us from being happy.So even though we know what makes us happy, we forget that.And one day after reading a lot of self-help books,I thought I had discovered that,I think we need daily rituals that remind us of what makes us really happy,just as we do when we brush teeth, or we shower to maintain our physical health.


We need rituals that preserve our mental health.These thoughts related to happiness become as natural as our brushing of our teeth.For example this is a rite that worked for me,every day I write three things I am grateful for, and why am I?Things became intentional and daily reminders,for everything that deserves attention in this life.For example, this is what I wrote last week:"I am grateful to read the stories with my son,because I enjoy taking care of him. "This is what is important to me.Like the times I spend with those who care for them.And this weather helped me achieve it.I encourage you-Of course I have rest days now and before, but it increased my happiness.So I urge you to search for daily weather,You can be grateful as I do,Or something else like meditation.And when you do that, I think we should go a step further.Where if you or I decide to escape from the attrition society,we'll leave behind millions of people who are under constant business stress,that they perform.Imagine that you and I are colleagues and that we manage workloads together.We have other colleagues who are under threat,to be exhausted by work.This is because of a personal drain that has societal roots.It is not just the person’s fault.It could also be something else as an unhealthy work environment.Therefore, we can only and effectively fight together.So the question is:Do we want to live in a society that urges to work in a place.
Most people feel tired and tired.And where creativity is killed,which we no longer have time and energy.For great conversations with friends?Do we want that?No, of course not!So let's fight together and say:"We are not free at evening."We want to spend our time with family and friends.Let's turn off our phones notifications at dinner time,we focus our senses with those we are with.And when we apply that to ourselves,let us help our friends, family and colleagues do the same.Let us overcome the attrition society together.Thank you so much.(clap)

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