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Why use Rapid Prototype Technicality?

As many of you are aware, prototype manufacturing the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce every day and companies need to study how to control costs, save time and effort and increase production if they want to improve their competitiveness. The use of Rapid Prototyping technology has solved those problems for companies, so many of them are gradually using this technology.

Here we explain what the hashing24 cloud mining advantages of rapid prototyping technology are and the status of the rapid prototyping solutions that Stratasys offers to companies.
Rapid Prototyping is a new and comprehensive production technology with many advantages, including the following.
1, can produce a variety of complex style parts. The very obvious characteristic of rapid prototyping is that it is soft and can produce many complex styles of parts under the supervision of an electronic computer to meet everyone's manufacturing requirements.
2、Complete design and production integration. Rapid protoform technical sex choose discrete variables / deposition hierarchical processing process, can effectively combine CAD / CAM together, and thus ensure the design scheme production integration.
3. High frequency. One of the key features of rapid prototyping is its high frequency, which helps to improve the development and management of new products.
4. Abundance of raw materials. Because rapid prototyping can be applied to a wide range of different raw materials, it is possible to produce a wide range of products.

The main reason why our hashing24 cloud mining company chose Stratasys' rapid prototyping technology is that the rapid prototyping solutions they bring are very handy, and the establishment, testing and improvement methods are all unexpected, which is really a great help to our company.