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Crispy ribs with garlic


Hello everyone, this is Wang Gang. In this video, I will show you how to make --Crispy spare ribs with garlic.We firstly prepare 500g pork ribs.Separate ribs and chop them into small and equal pieces.You can also ask salesman help you.Then let's prepare for next cooking.Add 2g baking soda.Add some water.Then wash it for 3 minutes.This is to clear the blood in the ribs.Then add some water clear ribs up.Then pick out.Next we prepare seasoning.Cut up 1 green onion and put it into cooking machine.Prepare 15g ginger and cut into pieces.Prepare 50g garlic.Add 30g water.Then stir them into paste.You can also cut them with knife.

We next prepare to marinate ribs.Add some salt.1g pepper.1g suger.1 piece of fermented bean curd.3g oyster sauce.8g Chinese cooking wine.6g soy sauce for steaming fish.1 egg.Then add the paste.Mix them up and let sit for 120 minutes.This is to let ribs absorb the garlic taste.Then add 30g potato starch.35g glutinous rice powder.Mix them up and prepare for next cooking.We firstly heat the wok.Then add much oil.Then heat the oil to 150℃.Then put the ribs.Fry them in medium-small heat for 3 minutes.This is to fry ribs to cooked.Then scoop ribs up.Then heat the oil to 180℃.Fry ribs for 10 seconds.This is to reduce the fat in ribs.Then we can scoop ribs up and put them into plate.So we finished a full of garlic taste garlic ribs.

Here is the tech summary of garlic ribs:

Firstly, washing ribs with baking soda is to reduce blood.

Secondly, it is better to stir green onion and garlic into paste by using cooking machine, it could be more convenient.

Thirdly, it is better to sit ribs more than 2 hours it could have better taste.

Fourthly, the temperature of oil cannot be too high or the ribs will be scorched.

This is the end of the tech summary of garlic ribs.

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