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Sadhguru shows us how he ADAPTS to life #FitnessChallenge


Well from the age of 12, I started a process- a powerful system of yoga called Angamardana.Angamardana literally means to have completemastery over your limbs.This is a powerful way of strengthening yoursinewses.This has kept me intact through the variousrigors of life , variety of injuries, allkinds of mad things I have done with my body.

Well, here is my breakfast.It is very important that every one of youstay fit , fit for life.Being fit for life means, hardness in thebody, sharpness in your mind and softnessin your heart.To stay fit, I used to play lots of gamesbut these days the schedules don't allow andalso too many injuries.So I play a bit of golf and at least oncea year, minimum once a year, I am in the mountains,18 to 19 000 ft msl . Well, that's my medicalcheck up, I have no medical checkups, that'smy stress test.You know what that means, if I fail, I fail.Today we are offering this powerful systemof Angamardana to the world in many differentParticularly this year, we are essentiallyfocusing on our security forces.We have already trained over 300 trainersfor Border Security Force and they are inturn training their forces.

On this International Yoga Day, I will beat Siachen with the Indian Army and we willbe training the Indian Army in some aspectsof Angamardana which is a powerful system of Yoga.This is something that the youth of Indiashould have.It is our intention that our security force'sofficers and men have the best.

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