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When Chen qiao'en supermarket was in line to check out, the whole piece of "aunt towel" actually fell out?


Chen Qiaoen's face went to the supermarket! I didn't expect that when I lined up to check out, the "Aunt towel" actually fell out? Netizen: Awkward ...Recently, Chen Qiaoen was caught by many sharp-eyed tourists when she was shopping in a supermarket in Hong Kong. However, she did not avoid the camera at all, she was in a very good mood, and she also took pictures with passers-by. She shelf, Su Yan shopping is very grounded.Seeing this news, I couldn't help smirking. There were two smiles. Listen to me.

The first laugh, it is not difficult to find out from the exposed photos that Chen Qiaoen was obviously makeup, but why should it be said to be plain, and exaggerated to emphasize that she does not have PS? Isn't that just contradicting one another? .Moreover, Chen Qiaoen's popularity is still quite large. In a place with a large number of tourists like Hong Kong, you must take precautions and warnings when you go shopping. You must either dress up and go to the street, or you must be wrapped in the street tightly. Is inevitable.True, she chose the former, so this rejected the conclusion that Su Yan was on the street.In the end, I knew she was wearing makeup on the street. Why did she say she was so beautiful? According to the rules of the game in the entertainment industry, you know, I did not say that tourists are childcare.

However, to be honest, for a Qiao Chen who was born on the tail of 70s and born after 80s, she still felt like a young girl, small and cute, exquisite and generous, and the beauty of closed moon shame.Then come the second laugh. When Chen Qiaoen lined up to check out, she seemed to have a white aunt towel under her black skirt. Some netizens said that if this is really a sanitary napkin, it would be awkward! .Of course, this is just a misplaced imagination. Maybe she wears this skirt as a fake two-piece suit.

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