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Nespresso uses consumer insight and director mix to create high relevance video and audio advertising


Nespresso aims to provide the best coffee experience to consumers.However, we face the challenge that in-home coffee drinking habits of Taiwanese are actually not as mature as neighboring countries like Japan or South Korea.Therefore, how we can get Taiwanese consumers to recognize and adapt to this coffee drinking culture,and make Nespresso an indispensable coffee partner in their daily lives, have been our goals in Taiwan.Creatista Plus is the premium coffee machine we launched in Taiwan in 2017.Through video ads, we'd like to showcase the excellent features of this coffee machine, and the exquisite coffee experience Nespresso wants to bring to customers.In this way, we hope to increase consumers' interests toward our brand.We know from our Google partner that Vogon (Director Mix) is a new tool that can help brands create customized videos at scale.We curated ad messages based on YouTube viewing behaviors and coffee drinking habits of our TA.

Then we generated 44 videos with Vogon and delivered at correspondent scenarios of the day, between weekdays and weekends.Thanks to Vogon, our ads are very locally relevant and truly cater to the coffee moments in Taiwanese’ daily lives.As a result, our ad recall has increased by 61%, and is way beyond market average.In terms of search lift in brand interests, we got 600% uplift as well.Moreover, we successfully sold out Creatista Plus in 7 weeks after launch, which is way faster than our original target.

As a consumer, nobody likes brands that give hard sell.I think what Vogon helps us the most is to give us the opportunity and efficiency to create customized messages that combine consumers’ own interests,increasing their will to further understand or even consider our brand.This is truly an innovation for video marketing, revolutionizing how Food & Beverage brands can interact with consumers.

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