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Caretakers carefully make nest heads to let Asian elephants eat vitamins

Caretakers carefully make nest heads to let Asian elephants eat vitamins

Let’s see what the zookeeper is doing?Looks like it’s food!The answer is…It’s the Asian Elephant’s food: steamed buns!But why do they eat this?With their weight measured in tons,Asian elephants use their strong and sturdy legs to stand the majority of the time,even when they sleep!Therefore, it is very important to keep their feet healthy!Despite the pickiness of Asian Elephants “You Xing” and “You Kai”,zookeepers finally discovered a suitable taste for them.A bun consisting of vitamins and oats.In order to improve the layering of the elephants’ feet,the zoo offers the elephants daily vitamins.The vitamins are used to supplement the elephants’ diets in captivity,as they may be lacking their natural food sources from the wild.The elephants have a very keen sense of smell.


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They particularly don’t like the smell of vitamins.Zookeepers put in a lot of effort and finally thought of a solution...feeding the elephants steamed buns similar to what pandas eat.Soon after, zookeepers adapted steamed buns to fit the needs of the Asian elephants.Not only is it easy to feed,but it also allows for easier monitoring of the amount of food each elephant consumes.After testing the new diet... zookeepers were successful!Congratulations, zookeepers!!!Furthermore,zookeepers help maintain the soles of the elephants feet daily,scrubbing their feetto wash off excess dirt stuck to their feet, andfixing their feet to prevent inflammation and infection.In order to take care of animals who are smart and stubborn, such as the Asian elephants,zookeepers have accepted the difficult challenge to care for them and monitor their health.

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