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Left! 51, dawn as father


Left! 51-year-old Dawn was born as a father, Wing premature daughter! Mother Pingzigui officially moved into the luxury home!The 51-year-old Tianwang Liming had burst out with his assistant A Wing earlier, and the woman had already bulged her belly to bear the king's child! The due date was originally at the end of May, and the newly born Emperor Wang Xun suddenly gave birth prematurely this month and gave birth to a daughter.Liming also officially became a father, and the four heavenly kings all want to be their grandfathers.

Liming openly confessed his love in March this year and left a message on Facebook: "Two people who have experienced divorce, it is a fate (point) to have the opportunity to walk together. The small life I have will make me a father and bring I entered another stage in my life.As a father, I must protect my own family, and I don't want to let my family be exposed. I believe that I will feel the same as a parent.For our future, leave time to prove everything.

Like Andy Lau, Li Ming covers the family affairs closely, and is very low-key. Wing has a daughter, and everyone around him seals the news. He does not want B to be exposed.At present, Wing's mother and daughter are safe. Due to the light weight of premature birth, it is only about 5 pounds, but it looks quite elf and cute.Wing's mother, who gave birth to her daughter, has a child, and Liming also loves the house and the Wu, and arranged for Wing's mother to move from Lantian Public Housing to one of the properties in Liming, a private house of Royal Palace of nearly 50 million in market value, to facilitate the care of Wing! .

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