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Pre gallstone test of Marantz 7


Today I introduce you to a bile predecessor that I have used for five years.This preamp is a model of the Marantz 7 preamp that is famous in the United States, which is a Chinese copycat version of the Marantz 7 preamp.This bile preamp still sells on Taobao, about RMB 600 mosquitoes.This M7 bile preamp is the same as the 'Wada Mao's bile preamp I introduced earlier, which is made by a fine factory in Suzhou, ChinaThere are 4 gall bladder following the machine, including 3 12 ax7, 1 6Z5P, all are made in China.

This gallbladder system is very simple, there are only four sets of Line In and one set of Line Out, phono input, which means that 唔 can play recordsThe new machine has a version with Bluetooth input, which is only expensive 70 mosquitoes.You can choose the version you need according to your needs I also talked about it in the last episode, and the family is very happy to play tube amps. There are many countries in Taobao for everyone to choose.For this 12 ax7, everyone in Taobao, in addition to Chinese gall, American gall, Soviet gall, European gall and German gall.You can tune out your favorite timbre according to your preferences.Before auditioning, let me introduce the sound of this bile.This bile preamp, compared to the 'Wada Mao's bile preamp introduced in the previous episode, has a higher treble and bass extension.The treble and bass of this machine seem to owe someBut the middle and high notes of this bile preamp are warmer.

If you like female voices, like Teresa Teng, Lin Yilian, etc., this amplifier is a good choice.The audition this time was Lin Yilian's 'Every Side in the Sky', which used DSD to straight out the decoder.Please pay attention, you hear a sound, not me, but just the sound from your computer. Please pay attention.

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