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Intelligent voice control minion toys out of the box!


He will sing if we press the button twice!Welcome to our channel - Kids Da Da.I'm Zhe.I'm Amei - Vee Ean.I'm Meina - Vee San.Today we're gonna do Minion Toys unboxing!YEAH~This is mine!These two are mine!I've the BEST and the biggest Minion toy!Excuse me.Mine is the BIGGEST!Meina.. can you show us how to play?It's a plush toy.Soft and nice to hug.And the hair..... like this!You can press the hand to talk.And the eye lights up!You see..He sings lullaby too.How about yours?My Minion is a popcorn container.Open it from here.Here you go~The glasses can be taken off....or flip to the back.And there is a tiny switch at the side.For lighting effect.3 types of lighting effect.Oh.. What about the other one?This Minion....can talk!You see.. he talks when you move his head!Let's open it up.Yeah~Let's take it out!Errr.. how to open this?

Oh! From here!* Drop~It's okie, Just put aside.Be careful..Peel it off.Wait! This spot...It stuck here...Okie. Done!What are these little things?It's not needed.What can he do?He can stand.Both hands are movable.In and out..Press his tummy for sound!And he talks!You can move his head around...And his eye move in the same direction.* Wow~What's yours?Interactive Minion~He can talk too, by pressing his tummy.And he moves!* unboxing.It looks awesome!I'm gonna take this off..Wait! Don't forget about this side too..Okie~Done. Yeah~Open this first..It's a Minion goggles!Wow~ It's cute!Let's wear this!Let me see.* LOL~I look like a Minion!Yeah! LOL~Take this up..Eh? It's stuck!Okie! Done!The feet can move in & out.The hands are moveable.You can turn it around.You can take off his pants too..Isn't it a bit tide?Take off this way.The turn on button is at the bottom.Let me turn on the 'PLAY' mode.And I will talk to him now.HELLO~* freaks out!

HELLO~HELLO~ Minion!Are you okie?Amei Jie Jie..Ah?Vee San!Your hair!Your hair..Look at your hair.Hey.. this is your friend!Don't say his name!* banana~ owh!Here comes the giant Minion~This is your giant friend!hehehe.. HELLO~* scream~* fart!* hmmmm...* LOL~It's very FUN to play with!HELLO~Amei Jie Jie!* no response~HELLO~Amei Jie Jie~* LOL~Ah... Vee San~..Vee San!He will sing if we press the button twice!YEAH~If you like our video..Please subscribe to our channel!Remember to LIKE!And SHARE!See you in the next episode!Bye Bye~Let's continue and play...Let's dance together!

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