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Patrick quinn | cunning magic subject

Patrick quinn | cunning magic subject

 When I was in kindergarten,during nap time I was really boredand I wanted to impress my friends.So I start to fumble around the bed,and I found a little bolt under the chair.Took it out and said,"Watch this.I will make this bolt disappear."Started putting the nut on my nose.I said, "Look. It's vanished."All my friends are amazed.Teacher came by to me was like,"Patrick, what are you doing?".And she noticed there's asilver thing in my nose.


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My nose is bleeding.She called my parents.My parents came to me,rushed me to the hospital.I remember this is when Iwas four or five years old,and I still remember this.You know I got strapped on the bed cause I was crying so hard,and a doctor has to get it surgicallyremoved out from my nose.So, that was my first magic trick.[dramatic music] I started magic with a pack of cards.And I started to learn all the sleights and I fell in love with all the move and the sleight of hand that makes things, like, feel magical.[dramatic music]I like to practice things,and for me its never...lI never fee like I'm practicing.It's more like I feel relaxed when I practice. You know?It kinda makes me focus.[music continues]When people think that my magic is done in post-production,I kinda take that as a compliment because that's means Ihave done my job right.You know? I make them believethat it was so goodthat it has to be a camera cut.I like to say what if I could.Then how could I do it?For example,if I really have magic power,I won't be opening thecan like this, right?I would use my magic power and the can would just open by itself.If I really had the power,my life would be much easier,right?I can turn around,my clothes would change.I could snap my finger,my money would multiply.I could snap my finger,things would disappear.And obviously the magic isn't real,but our job is to make itlook as real as possibleand make people believefor a short amount of time.(money shuffling)

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