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Don't use a water dispenser?

Don't use a water dispenser?

Although "tourism" can make people feel relaxed, there are actually many unseen risks. The most common thing is to get sick during the journey. The main reason for the illness may be that the passenger is too relaxed to ignore the habit of washing hands, or Vigilance is lowered without paying attention to places where bacteria are breeding. In this regard, "Smarter Travel" sorts out the 10 places with the highest bacterial counts during the trip. Travelers must pay more attention when going out!

1. Hotel remote control

The remote control is recognized as one of the best dirty items, mainly because the housekeeping staff is impossible to clean, so when you want to use it, you can put a plastic bag or toilet paper to avoid direct contact with your hands.

2. Aircraft cabin toilet

The cabin toilets are very small. In fact, bacteria are more ubiquitous than you think. There are a lot of bacteria in the sinks or door handles.

3. Aircraft seat position bag

Do you think that place is just for magazines? But in fact, many people put dirty diapers, fruit peels, or some food residues in them, and these storage bags may not be pulled out for cleaning. The flight attendants at most take out the garbage, so if you If you take out the magazine from the storage bag, you must remember to wash your hands.

4. Folding table in cabin

The folding table is also recognized as a dirty place. Some parents will use it to change diapers. Travelers come and go, often leaving germs on it. Remember to wipe it with alcohol test paper as soon as you get on the machine.

5. Pillows and blankets

In fact, these things have not been cleaned between the flight and the flight, so if the blanket or pillow you get is not wrapped in a plastic bag, it means that the passenger on the previous flight has used it. To avoid getting sick, cover your coat if you can, otherwise prepare your own pillow.

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6. Drinking fountain

Airports now have free drinking fountains for passengers to use, but because too many people use it, the drinking fountains have become a very serious place for bacterial growth, so if you can, it is best to buy bottled water.

7. Hotel bedspread

The quilt covers and pillowcases at the hotel are washed every day, but the decorative bedspreads are not necessarily the same, so you can remove that layer first after entering the room.

8. Lighting switch

Everyone uses the light switch, so it has become the place with the most bacteria, remember to wash your hands often.

9. Touch ticket vending machine

As long as it is a machine that uses fingers, travelers must be mentally prepared. Tens of thousands of bacteria are left on it, and they must wash their hands after use.

10. Cruise handrail

All the handrails also retain a lot of bacteria.