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Clichy and ASHLEY: the story of postpartum depression,


I this is awesome my league i've heard so much about you I feel like I know you see you a sign do I have a phoneseven months oh my the nurse I feel like pregnancy is so talked about and the joys of motherhood and the joys of being pregnant but no one really digs and it will how are you feeling feeling notugly how are you feeling mentally nobody prepared me for the possibility of a part of yeah I mean it's just not talked about come up like do you think that this is a possibility 

I know you're experiencing a lot of anxiety you should be prepared for this think I got it really bad about three months in I think that was my peakthe mere thought of going up changing for bed and then getting dressed again and coming down stairs the next day was just painful to me so I just started sleeping on the couch for a couple months and John slept with me every night I wouldkeep like a stack of clothes in the pantry just my same the safe and most that I was pregnant and I was just like screw it the day you my breaking point I went to a clinic andtold them I wanted to kill myself and they turn me away like guys 

So I was sitting in my car and I called my sister in law and she got me in touch with the women's behavioral health at age and so three days a week I was driving two hours away from home with grace and it isbeyond worth it you feel any of the family here yeah you know I know that if I'm having a bad day I can call one of the therapists the women's behavioral health center at h and really gave me the skills that I needed to be able to be a better mother and to be able to take my son out in public now without having an immediate panic attack and leaving part of my healing process wascoming out to everybody else but I almost think part of the cure was just discovering that I had postpartum I would have loved a brochure of warning signs and then now looking back doesn't it feel likehe would like we were just in such a hole and it didn't seem like we were in it at the time but now I can look back and understand like how bad it was I didn't know how bad it was when I was actually in it so thank you so much things with me this was amazing wasgo to lunch ok ha ha ha ha hope for families struggling with postpartum depression visit Allegheny health network

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