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Is the ear thermometer itself accurate?


Ear thermometer advertisements always say that our product temperature measurement is fast, accurate, and convenient, and it is a cover! Users think, you are several times more expensive than contact electronic thermometers. Of course, it must be fast, accurate, and convenient! We scraped together enough money to buy you!

Then, take it home for a test, oh my go! Why is it so inaccurate?! What a rubbish, idiot!

So how is the actual development going?

First of all, advertising is becoming more and more immoral, braun digital ear thermometer,what dare to brag. Ear thermometers are really easy to measure, especially for children. But when it comes to accuracy, it's not as good as much cheaper electronic thermometers.

So what you buy at a high cost is fast temperature measurement and convenient use, not more accurate than electronic thermometers or mercury meters.

So is this money worth spending? I think a business is worth it if there are bear children in our family.

Interpretation of book indicators

Careful friends will find that in the ear thermometer manual, the accuracy written on the indicators is ±0.2°C, and some are even marked ±0.1°C. I will not talk about the problem of our measurement range here. You only need to know that the ear thermometers that are well-made on the market are within the range that the body temperature can usually reach (including fever), and the accuracy evaluation index analysis is generally ±0.2°C. Contact electronic thermometers and mercury thermometers are generally ±0.1°C, and of course there are special basal thermometers that can reach ±0.05°C.

It seems that the accuracy of the ear thermometer is not bad, right?

True, ear thermometers themselves are not bad, but the above accuracy is measured with a black body (what is a black body? In short, it is used to calibrate ear thermometers and is an ideal test subject). You put it in your ear and that's another story.

Whether it can be accurately measured in the ear when used correctly is the most test of the manufacturer's ability!

Of course, in this regard, the standards of each manufacturer are different. For the same person, if you test the ear thermometers of different manufacturers, even if they are used correctly, the measured temperature may be different. The temperature you measure with a contact thermometer is definitely better. It may be different. The reason is that the standards defined by the vendors are different.

To sum up, in the case of correct selection and use, the measurement of the accuracy of the ear thermometer mainly depends on two aspects: the level of the accuracy evaluation index of the black body measurement, and the standard that the manufacturer can define by itself and whether it is reasonable.