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UnionPay joins hands with side-by-side financial institutions to enter, online payment interconnection is accelerated again

UnionPay joins hands with side-by-side financial institutions to enter, online payment interconnection is accelerated again

In the Internet industry current policy and payment field current policy together to promote, payment interconnection is accelerating, along with the scenario and the way the middle of the fortress is slowly get rid of, the layout of the online payment sales market will also produce a subtle transformation.

Payment interconnection inevitable trend

In recent years, Internet companies according to the scale of Internet operations, service platform utility to promote the development of china unionpay international payment industry planning at the same time, but also further aggravated the payment industry chain layout dry solid. A part of payment organizations with the help of large and medium-sized e-commerce or intercourse and other network platforms, the existing payment business process as the only payment entrance, resist other payment organizations to give payment service projects, resulting in payment sales market green ecological diversity is not enough, the customer's discretionary decision is missing.

Fan Yifei, governor of the People's Bank of China, indicated when attending the 10th China Payment and Settlement Community Forum that it is necessary to insist that payment business processes return to their origin, focus on fair transactions, promote service platform companies to open payment jacks to the public in an orderly manner, prohibit unique, non-discriminatory payment protocols, and ensure the independent decision rights of payment customers.

In the sales market, the interconnection to get rid of payment mustard is not only the regulation of control, but also the internal necessity to improve the customer's payment feeling, and the inevitable trend to complete the high-quality development in the payment field.

As a key current policy that jeopardizes industrial development planning and economic development livelihood projects, interconnection can reasonably deal with the network platform using closed scenario business model, which generates the control hindrance of payment data information transmission stage, and also get rid of the original service platform fortress, ensure the customer's right to pay decision, and produce a natural environment of external opening and fair market competition to the manufacturing industry. Along with a large number of actors into, payment sales market of independent innovation charm is further stimulated, will be more efficient to boost the digital economy of high quality improvement.

In the whole process here, the field for the need to complete the interconnection of online scenarios under the security convenience, unified norms, unified feeling natural environment gradually highlighted, UnionPay in collaboration with industry chain multiple parties together to create, upgraded version of online payment goods also thus take advantage of the opportunity for it.

UnionPay unified online payment entrance

Recently, China UnionPay, in collaboration with the banking industry, has jointly updated the UnionPay online payment business process while adhering to the four-party approach. As a unified entrance to online payment, UnionPay gathers financial institution APP, UnionPay flash APP, cell phone flash payment, SRC payment and various money clip APP inside a variety of payment-specific tools, completing the interconnection of online trial Internet, generating high efficiency, convenience and diversification of payment feelings for users.

When customers buy something from many e-commerce platforms, such as Jingdong Home, Himalaya, More, Ben Life, Daily Fresh, KFC, Hello Travel, Yonghui Life, and Yanxiang, they only need to click on the "UnionPay" entrance at the merchant's cash register, and they can choose any of the above payment methods that suit them. The initial payment success, UnionPay will default to set the customer this payment method, the next payment, customers such as the need to split the payment APP, just click on the "application of other payment methods", you can return to the UnionPay selection.

At this stage, Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Pudong Development Bank and its wonderful discovery (Guangfa Bank Bank Credit Card APP) have been connected to UnionPay first. In addition to the above financial institutions, other key banking sectors have been caught in the testing, and all connections will be mainly completed within the year.

UnionPay's upgraded version in online payment not only enriches the Internet technology payment feeling and brings new choices for customers, but also perfects the Internet payment quadrilateral way and builds a green ecology of Internet technology payment with sustainable development view and win-win situation in many aspects.

For customers, it has achieved a large number of customer payment requirements, and at the same time, the UnionPay and financial institutions continue to reduce the theme of financial activities, will also allow more customers to get real special offers.

In terms of merchants, they can apply a variety of payment-specific tools by connecting to UnionPay with a single click, which not only reduces the cost of connecting to the trial end, but also promises to explore a large number of potential customers and increase revenue.

For the three-party payment platform, just connect a unified socket to complete full coverage of different payment scenarios and payment methods, which is beneficial for the three-party payment platform to develop a stronger trend of merchants and give a unified payment service program.

From the perspective of financial institutions, the UnionPay unified online payment portal can introduce a large number of high-frequency online transaction scenarios for financial institution APPs and increase the popularity value of bank apps. With solid payment service items and Internet finance working ability, UnionPay gives unified online payment solutions to financial institutions according to standardized entrance standards, completing unified payment entrance, unified payment steps and unified payment feelings for financial institutions' App. At the same time, UnionPay's colorful and solid scenario operation working ability can not only provide financial institutions with a large number of online payment scenarios, but also effectively assist financial institutions to improve the popularity value of their apps. It will also effectively assist financial institutions to improve customer loyalty and aggravate customers' awareness of the well-known brand of financial institutions' mobile payments.

In response to the new era of payment interoperability, UnionPay upholds the core concept of openness, collaboration and win-win situation to the outside world, and makes every effort to make all-round subversive innovation, constantly leading the development trend of field construction and health, showing the mission of China UnionPay and field win-win situation.

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