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How to judge the quality of humidifier?

How to judge the quality of humidifier?

Many platforms sell humidifiers. Humidifiers are a low-cost, everyday appliance that can solve the problem of dry air, especially during the cold winter months, and can also help people live in a healthier environment. As low humidity can dry out the skin and potentially affect your health, it is important to use humidifiers and to judge the quality of the product.

Humidifier with top-fill design

Nowadays, new products generally use the top filling design, this design concept can facilitate the process of water filling, the whole operation without bending, not only convenient, but also safer and healthier, so this design concept has been efficiently implemented. As long as it is a new product, basically will adopt this design, in judging the quality of the high and low can start from here.

Humidifiers with one-piece bodies

Nowadays, many products not only have a large diameter of the body, can be easily scrubbed 360 degrees, and at the same time, it is a one-piece body, is not easy to tip over, the number of times you use it, and time will not be leaking and other problems. It not only facilitates the process of use, but also facilitates the cleaning, if the diameter of the mouth is small, then the storage of less water will delay a lot of time, requiring people to go back and forth to add water, in the cleaning time will also be inefficient, and the cleaning is not thorough.

Humidifier with anti-bacterial function

Nowadays, many new humidifiers come with anti-bacteria function, some humidifiers in the water is not very safe, sometimes has been mixed with a large number of bacteria. If you do not find it, it may be inhaled by the human body, seriously harming human health, but many products have a bacteriostatic function, which can automatically kill the bacteria in the body, successfully protect people's health, and the quality of this type of product is also more in line with the requirements.

Humidifier with lower noise level

If you want to judge the quality of humidifier, you can also start from the noise aspect. If there is a lot of noise when the device is working, it may affect people's normal rest, while the real high-quality humidifier is almost no sound.